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Senior leaders keep state-ranked Middleton men’s basketball undefeated with win over Stoughton

STOUGHTON — State-ranked Middleton found himself falling behind before getting the lift he needed from seniors Gavyn Hurley and Will Comerford.

Middleton’s energy earned him a standing ovation from the Cardinals crowd as the final seconds ticked into a 61-54 win over Stoughton in Saturday’s men’s basketball game.

The Winona State player had 10 of his team-high 16 points in the second half as the Vikings led 28-25. Hurley and Commerford connected in the second half with an alley-oop that was the highlight of the game.

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”We knew in the first half that we weren’t passing enough and we didn’t have the right shot at the right time,” Cummerford said. “So it was a huge leadership moment for Gavin Hurley and I to get out there and get it back on the right track.”

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Middleton (9-0) was ranked 3rd in Division 1 in the Wissports coaches’ poll and started the game on an 8-0 run, but the Cardinals’ unbeaten record and commanding streak was only down to Stoughton (8). -3) didn’t dissuade me.

Together, juniors Ty Fernholz and Sawyer Schipper scored 36 of the Vikings’ 54 points. Fernholtz made three of his five 3-pointers in the first half, helping to close the early deficit quickly. He scored a game-high 19 points.

middleton pic 1

Middleton’s Gavin Hurley shot past Stoughton’s Jay Johnson early on Saturday.

Photo by Greg Dixon, State Journal

Stoughton’s coach, Nolan Webber, said Fernholtz was impressive despite Middleton double-teaming and occasionally blowing him off the screen.

“He made some shots tonight that he didn’t necessarily expect, so he stepped up and played a big game when we needed him,” Weber said.

Middleton fell behind on some points, but his confidence never wavered. Throughout the game, the Cardinals were animated after a timely basket or defensively his stop.

The Madison La Follette Jr. has scored 40 points in three of the team’s eight games. Method is as follows.

“We found the celebration to be both ignited and continuous, so if you play with excitement and enthusiasm, it will follow elsewhere as well,” said Cummerford.

Stoughton’s four-game winning streak ended. Freshman Jacob, whose Hibner was averaging 8.0 points in his first six games before injuring his hand, will be back in “about a week or so,” Weber said.

middleton pic 2

Stoughton’s Sawyer Sipper drove the lane in the first half.

Middleton coach Kevin Bayberry said his team needs to stay humble and understand the process if they want to continue on their winning path.

“We always tell our men to go hungry when they reach the top of the hill because there are other people climbing, because they will chase you.”

Middleton at Stoughton Basketball-04-I8Y076.jpg

Middleton’s Owen Cooney shot past Stoughton’s Mason Margi early on Saturday.

Greg Dixon, State Journal

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