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Police say 20-year-old man behind string of car thefts involving stolen gun

WESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A 20-year-old man was arrested in Weslaco in connection with a string of vehicle robberies and theft of a handgun, police said.

Nathan Andrew Delgado, 20

Nathan Andrew Delgado, 20, was arrested Thursday and was arraigned Saturday. One count of stealing a firearm, a felony in state prison. and his one count of tampering with a firearm identification number, a Class A misdemeanor.

The indictment follows an investigation initiated December 28 and 29 after the Weslaco Police Department received multiple reports of vehicle robberies in the 700 Block Frostproof Drive and 400 Block North Cross Lane areas in north Weslaco. due to A handgun was also reportedly stolen from the vehicle in these robberies.

“Weslaco Police Detectives have launched an investigation and recovered surveillance footage of a suspicious vehicle and a man breaking into the vehicle with a stolen handgun,” Weslaco Police said in a news release on Saturday. “Weslaco Police Department detectives have begun working with the Alamo City Police Department to identify the man.”

After identifying Delgado as a suspect in the investigation, the Weslaco Police Criminal Investigation Unit located Delgado’s residence and arrested him, police said.

“Weslaco Police Department detectives subsequently recovered a stolen handgun that was found to have been tampered with,” police said.

Delgado was indicted Saturday by District Court Judge Juan Alvarez.

Delgado’s bonds totaled $70,000, police said.

The Weslaco Police Department encourages residents to lock their cars and report any suspicious activity to the police at 956-968-8591.

“We also encourage communities to protect their valuables and keep their vehicles safe,” police said. “By working together and taking precautions, we can prevent this type of crime and keep our communities safe.”

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