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Mission District businesses face thousands of dollars in storm repairs

SAN FRANCISCO — The year got off to a rough start for many small businesses that dealt with the massive flooding in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Since then, many stores have reinforced their entrances with sandbags, plywood and metal gates in case of more rain.

Freshly baked pizza is coming out of the oven at The Pink Onion on 14th Street after being closed for a week after the New Year’s Eve storm.

“It was the last part we needed from an hour after the flood started until we got the water heater running maybe five hours ago. We had companies, plumbers, water heater repair guys, barber guys, drywall guys,” said owner Matthew Cholik.

Coric said he estimates that these repairs have already set him back at least $50,000.

“That doesn’t include things like payroll not running and my time and family time,” he said.

14th Street near Folsom Street looked like a river a week ago.

The city has since unclogged storm drains and drained the basin, but before several businesses in the area suffer thousands of dollars in damage.

The nearby Izakaya Rintaro is still being cleaned up and is scheduled to open in mid-January. An adjacent space, also on 14th Street, was to be a new bread or bagel factory.

It was still not open for business when a storm destroyed almost everything inside. Workers were busy making repairs after it rained late Saturday night.

There’s still a room full of soggy boxes.

“At this point, I believe the city won’t let it happen again. We still have the metal storm door in there, so if things get worse, we’ll just plug it in.” Coric said.

Coric said it made a difference because his employees cleaned the drains themselves in the immediate aftermath of the storm before the city responded.

With 6 years of history, I’m sure this restaurant can survive in the future.

“It’s another obstacle, but I think we’ve just been tested in combat,” he said.

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