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Morrissey releases statement on political views, calls off collaboration with Miley Cyrus

How to Stream Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton's New Year's Eve Party

How to Stream Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton’s New Year’s Eve Party

Morrissey responds to some speculation surrounding his distressed album teenager bonfire, Including his thoughts on Miley Cyrus calling off a previously recorded collaboration and how it has nothing to do with his political beliefs.

In late December, the singer announced that he was parting ways with both his management company, Maverick/Quest and Capitol Records (which owns unreleased records). teenager bonfire material). He also stated, without elaborating, that Cyrus requested her vocal be removed from her “I am Veronica” song.

Details from Spin:

“I am aware that the ridiculous ‘Morrissey is far right’ attribution has returned to minor fads very recently on all the usual gossip sites. Miley Cyrus removed from ‘I Am Veronica’ This haste is certain, considering it wants to, and suddenly the very dated rehash of “this is for Morrissey’s political views” wobbles. It’s a book you can’t stop reading under any circumstances,” the former Smiths frontman began a lengthy statement on his website.

He also explained Cyrus’ decision, saying, “Actually, Miley declined for reasons unrelated to me. There was a big clash with a key figure in the ‘Circle.’ you can’t. He added: I dared not approach her. She was always grateful and still is. “

In the post, Morrissey also took aim at “undoing the vultures” that came after him, stating, “The campaign to destroy my career was originally led by four British men. They had a prominent position on social media.They have full unedited access to legacy media.” It is not clear who he is referring to, but Morrissey was the first to introduce Islam to the UK. It has been criticized for promoting the right-wing extremist For Britain party, which seeks to stop Muslim immigration.

He attempted to clarify his political views, stating, “Years ago the left changed and abandoned me, but I am definitely not far right. I have never met anyone who claims to be far right.” My politics are straight forward, I am aware of reality, some realities scare me, some don’t, but I know that other people will satisfy me and they will I admit that I was not created to please Me in all that I think and do.He added: I do not travel any other way. Only by listening to the opinions of others can we form truly rational opinions, so we must never accept a honeycomb society that refuses to reflect different opinions.”

Morrissey concluded the post by stating that it was aimed at his fans, who he called “the best and most incredible audience anyone could dream of.”

but teenager bonfire While the controversy was boiling, Capitol released the track “Rebel Without Applause” from it. Morrissey also said he plans to return to the studio earlier this year to begin work on yet another new album. The world dies without music.

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