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LBGTQ+, Religious Leaders Condemn Des Moines Parish’s New Gender Policy

Local LGBTQ+ advocates and religious leaders say Des Moines Parish’s new gender identity policy is harmful, hateful and discriminates against transgender staff, students and church members.

One group, the Interfaith League of Iowa, recently condemned the policy. One of them prohibits the use of preferred pronouns during ministry.

The policy, which went into effect on January 16 and affects several Catholic churches and schools, requires people to use bathrooms and changing rooms and to follow a dress code that matches their gender at birth. A document outlining the new regulations according to the first KCCI report obtained.

The parish also mandates that students participate in school sports and activities that “match” their biological sex, and bans people from having “onsite” or distributing “medicine for sex reassignment.” The KCCI reported, citing documents not yet made public. will be published.

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