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Hi-tech eyebrow and boba tea robot

Thousands of investors, media and tech people flocked to Las Vegas’ sprawling venue to see the latest technology from large corporations and start-ups. The show continues through Sunday.

Here are some highlights:

Tired of the same old Zoom calls? Zero Distance thinks there might be an answer.

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The company’s Wehead device allows people in a meeting to feel like they are in the same room as remote participants.

The device looks like a machine you’d find in an ophthalmologist, but with a screen in front. Participants from a distance can see the machine in three dimensions as if they were there, and the machine moves when they look around or nod.

Wehead works with standard computer or smartphone webcams.

“If there are a few people around the table and there is only one screen, not everyone can see the screen, and not everyone at the laptop can see,” says Wehead creator Ilia Sedoshkin. Told. application. “

“But people who spend 40 hours a week in a home office don’t see many other people. You can,” Sedshkin said.

Wehead is priced at $1,555 and the Pro version is available for $4,555.

From milk tea to passion fruit, the ADAM robot can make your favorite boba tea drink.

ADAM, who also works as a bartender or barista, served boba tea this week for CES attendees who used a digital touchscreen to select their drink.

“ADAM is basically a way to attract guests and is meant to be a fully automated and highly efficient way to make drinks,” said Timothy Tanksley of Richtech Robotics.

The two-armed robot has two gripping handles and can be customized to make specific beverages. During a break in brewing, ADAM can dance and entertain people.

ADAM, which can be rented for events or hired full-time, is one of a range of robots on display at CES this week, performing tasks ranging from surface disinfection to delivery.

During the 2020 pandemic shutdown, California resident Luis Rappa had trouble finding his favorite almond milk at the grocery store. He looked up online recipes to make his own, but they were cumbersome and time-consuming.

Almost three years later, Rapacci arrived at CES to unveil his nut milk brewer, the GrowUp brewer.

With GrowUp, customers can make their favorite type of nut milk with water in minutes, from cashews and walnuts to almonds and pistachios, at home, according to Rappache.

The machine is priced at $599 and is available for pre-order now.

L’Oréal’s Brow Magic brings augmented reality to your eyebrows.

The company’s app scans your face and uses AR to make personalized recommendations for shape, thickness and effect options before applying primer. Then a Brow Magic device gives him 2,400 tiny nozzles to brush and paint his eyebrows.

L’Oreal partnered with Prinker, which makes a device to quickly apply temporary tattoos, to develop Brow Magic.

Coming later this year, Brow Magic makeup lasts up to two days and can be removed with your regular makeup remover.

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