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Green Technology Squads for Spotlight at Major Gadget Convention in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AFP) — At the CES Tech Megashow in Las Vegas, it’s rare for an entrepreneur to lift a plant and showcase it as the latest breakthrough in consumer technology.

But for NeoPlants co-founder Patrick Torbey, the annual New Year’s gathering shouldn’t be “only about mechanical and electronic engineering.”

“It’s also about the natural technologies that can be harnessed using these very good engineering skills,” Toby told AFP.

NeoPlants, a Paris-based start-up, has bioengineered plants that can clean indoor air of toxic pollutants “by doing the work of 30 regular houseplants,” according to its website. I was showing off my plants.

Since the Sin City Expo began 50 years ago, CES has seen a steady increase in the number of technologies aimed at helping the environment.

But observers often question the seriousness of the consumer tech industry’s efforts to protect the environment. The real excitement is centered around smart TVs and robots, rather than more complex and less profitable planet-saving projects.

“The trend will be sidelined until it really, really matters to consumers,” said Ben Arnold, a consumer electronics analyst at research firm NPD.

“As someone who studies the market, I don’t know where I am yet. [environmental-minded tech] There is a difference in terms of units and dollars,” he added.

Screenshot of an ad for HVAC management company Sensibo. (Screen capture: YouTube, used in accordance with Section 27a of the Copyright Act)

Ran Roth, head of technology company Sensibo, agreed that successful devices make economic sense, and believed his product would do just that.

Roth’s device uses artificial intelligence and sensors to better manage air conditioning. This is a key concern in the often scorching heat of Israel, where his company is based.

Sensibo’s sensors measure humidity and temperature and use software that learns your habits, saving you energy and money.

Roth said there must be a “pathway to profitability” if the new technology is to be successful.

“The beauty of smart thermostats is that they are readily available and offer the best return on investment,” says Roth, who called air conditioning a “human right.”

“What is important?”

But as the climate emergency worsens, industry observers said major tech companies are under more pressure to commit to sustainability goals.

Forrester Research’s Abhijit Sunil said:

“That is why many organizations are paying attention to what they refer to as sustainability initiatives and are now being as transparent as possible,” he said.

Sunil said the real environmental progress has been made in the industrial sector, agreeing that the consumer gadget business may be lagging behind in doubling down on its environmental efforts. bottom.

Designing, manufacturing and packaging products with an eye on a company’s waste and carbon footprint is an easy achievement when it comes to environmental technology, he said.

A model of the Clean Water Pathfinder by ACWA Robotics will be on display at CES Unveiled ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 3, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Robin Beck/AFP)

One such company, ACWA Robotics, won recognition at CES for a robot dedicated to detecting and preventing leaks in underground pipes.

In France, where the start-up is located, it is estimated that 20% of drinking water is lost due to leaking water pipes.

Fighting for the environment “is a once-in-a-century challenge,” ACWA Robotics engineer Elise Lengrand told AFP.

“I think it would be really cool to make a big TV or something, but this is really important,” she said.

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