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Dodge Unveils Ram EV Concept, Reimagining Pickup Trucks in High Tech

America’s third most popular truck line-up, the Dodge Ram, is about to come in EV form.

The bold new concept car unveiled for CES by parent company Stellantis on Thursday will be announced as an official Ram production model to hit the roads “in 2024,” according to a press release, with more details “coming soon.” It’s scheduled.” Mon. ”

The name they go by is “Ram 1500 Revolution” and I doubt if it has anything to do with the actual revolution of 1500 in the Spanish city of Granada, but you’ll never know.

Point is, whether or not this truck is truly “revolutionary,” competitors have already overtaken Dodge, so the Stellantis needed to go big with at least its flagship EV pickup.Ford’s F- The 150 Lightning started production last year. The Chevrolet Silverado EV will go into production in the coming months. And with the Tesla Cybertruck reportedly going into production this year, with Rivian pickups already on the road, not to mention the 800-pound Gorilla (800-pound Gorilla), Dodge is a little I was looking outdated.

Interior of the new EV truck


But with this concept, Dodge comes out swinging. Ford and Chevy EV pickups pretty much live up to our preconceived notions of what a big, meaty pickup should look like. The Ram isn’t a full Cybertruck, but it does present a high-tech looking design that sticks its neck out a bit more than its main competitor, making it clear that this isn’t just another Ram. According to a press release, the designers of the 1500 Revolution “aimed to revolutionize the pickup truck segment by creating an ultra-modern concept that exudes heroic strength.” Check it out.

As far as function and doohic are concerned, the new Ram concept is full of them. There’s his AI-powered in-car personal assistant with voice commands, a unique trip planning system called ‘My Day’, button-activated cabin modes like ‘Productivity Mode’ and ‘Party Mode’, and an augmented reality head-up display. . Things like the driver’s peripheral vision, an ‘intelligent storage’ system that evaluates if it can actually hold the gigantic toolbox he’s about to carry, integration with Smart His Home, and an external movie projector for movie nights.

It also has a feature called “Shadow Mode”, but that’s just a concept. This allows the driver to get out of the truck and let the unmanned truck nudge behind them, successfully following voice commands. trained dog. This is a bit of a surprising feature, but it could actually be one that every car should have had a long time ago.

Front grill of new EV pickup truck


But it’s a design meant to make a clear statement. From the animated (yes, animated) LED emblem on the front, to the unmistakable Dick Tracy-ness throughout, and the promise in the 1500 Revolution press materials, this is ‘Where are we going on our electrified journey? It’s a direct indication of where we’re headed.” It’s clear that Stellantis and Dodge aren’t calling it into their ongoing company-wide electrification.

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