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Brandon Larkins achieves aspirations in the entertainment industry

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Actor, writer and producer Brandon Larkins creates a wide variety of purposeful content in the entertainment industry.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, his passion for the arts began when he acted in a school play at the age of seven. Additionally, Larkins enjoyed the opportunity to perform Michael Jackson’s songs on Friday’s classroom show and tell. However, his father was a former athlete, so Larkins originally foresaw a future in sports rather than show business.

After high school, Larkins received a track and field scholarship to attend the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. Towards the end of his college education, art reappeared as his pastime. invited. Larkins then began working with an acting coach, and from there, “things just took off,” he says.

Since then, he has appeared in movies and TV shows like; Annapolis, wire, cougar townWhen 9-1-1: Lone StarLarkins’ latest role is Axel, Ryan’s new caregiver. general HospitalHe debuted as a recurring character on November 28, and Larkins has appeared in two episodes of the long-running soap opera so far. Larkins expects his contribution to the Emmy-winning series will likely continue into his 2023.

“It’s on general Hospital It was a complete blessing. I am so grateful to God for giving me that opportunity,” Larkins said.

every week, general Hospital We cast films around eight episodes that are completed four to six weeks before each show’s air date. This process is fast-moving, so Larkins makes sure it’s ready for delivery.

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“Everything about making soap is fast-paced,” says Larkins. “…it’s always best to have talent and actors ready and know your lines. You’re probably doing one blocking, so you’re doing one rehearsal, and then you’re shooting. So , there’s not a lot of room for too many takes and too many mistakes.I’m new, so I’m always ready.”

In 2017, Larkins began appearing in and executive producing films. Chronicles of Jessica Wu, an action drama series created by Zane Hubbard. The show follows Jessica Woo (Helena-Alexis Seymour), a girl on the autism spectrum, as she uses her martial arts skills to defeat street villains and become a hero in Los Angeles. Hubbard’s Her real-life daughter is a person with autism, and Larkins explains that the filmmakers combined “a love for her daughter with a love for cartoon history” in building the series. Displaying images of empowerment is another focus of the program.

“… what [Hubbard] What I really wanted to emphasize was to bring awareness to people with disabilities and show the world that they are just like you and me. You’ve got talent,” said Larkins. Jessica Wu …he wanted to show off his girl powers. So you have that side of her, but in addition, you make her a woman. You really bring home something we don’t see. ”

the shooting of Chronicles of Jessica Wu Season 3 recently ended, this series of episodes including legend another world Alum Jasmine Guy guest stars as Barbara Baldwin. Hubbard wrote the part knowing he wanted a “powerful woman” and a “confident woman” who could also act “on the bad side” to portray Barbara, Larkins said. Larkins has been a fan of Guy since childhood and proposed her for the role. School Days Starr was interested in coming on board. On-screen performances from Guy, Larkins, Hubbard, Seymour, and castmates like Jasmine Hester and Aria Song are set to debut at the third season’s premiere event this month.

Another of Larkins’ recent projects is a family sitcom. About Finz, which he created, wrote, co-produced and starred in. The show centers around Finzi Van Trillo (Sophie Mackenzie Knack), an adopted preteen who is the middle child in a devoted family. As Phintzy and the rest of the Van Trillos move from Baltimore, Maryland to Newport Beach, Calif., they carry the slogan “Going Between Heaven and Earth,” showing love and support for each other. .Larkins came up with About Finz In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, its cast and crew filmed the first three episodes and then merged to create a pilot presentation.Evoking his history of songwriting and music production that began before acting, Larkins also wrote program theme song.

While writing the series, Larkins sought inspiration from his favorite comedy shows he watched as a child. sanford and son, family problemsWhen golden girlsHe further researched contemporary sitcoms to incorporate tones compatible with current television trends. The finished product will display a biracial family with a heartfelt story that has drawn thousands of applicants to vie for the lead role. Knack, Daijah Peters, Jaden Baker, Frankie Blair, Debra Cardona, Alma Marian and Juliette Rusche are the performers who won to secure the main part alongside Larkins. About Finz.

“I wanted to create a show that the world hadn’t seen. I wanted to introduce an Asian-American girl… the world hadn’t seen it before, or the world might have said ‘hmm’.” Not with family. Asian American girls and black families? teeth. ‘It was done on purpose,’ Larkins said of the series. “I wanted to highlight and showcase something you’ve never seen before, or something you don’t see very often. And I didn’t want to play it safe. I didn’t want to create a traditional sitcom family because you have a family like Van Trillo.”

Additionally, the family-friendly show aims to entertain and bring relatives of all ages together in a manner similar to classic sitcoms of the past. It has attracted interest from many talent executives and hopes to secure funding to shoot more episodes in 2023, Larkins said.

“…this is a family sitcom,” said Larkins.of leave it to beavers, donna reed shows, munsters, the adams family, etc., is a place where the whole family can enjoy. ”

Larkins has lived locally since moving to Burbank in 2008. As he continues his pursuit of entertainment, this city show his business history has been a source of motivation for Larkins, who also cares about safety in Burbank. Now that he’s a cast member, general Hospitalan ABC show, Larkins fulfilled his dream of playing a notable role in a major entertainment company.

“Burbank is the only [Southern California] It’s a city I’ve been to and I love it here. i am very satisfied. It’s a pleasure, it’s safe. It’s fun living here,” Larkins said. “And I love being inspired by the studios here. You got ABC. You got Disney. You got Warner Bros. Move out the apartment.” And it’s a 5 minute walk to Cartoon Network.NBC was here at one point.… Burbank has a lot of history.Now it’s on general Hospital, I drove by Disney and ABC, looked up at the water tower and was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m part of the ABC/Disney family. And it’s all here in Burbank. ”

The performer is currently developing a Christmas movie that will be filmed in his hometown. The holiday season is Larkins’ “favorite time of the year,” he says. He traveled to Baltimore to scout for locations and is currently preparing a film script. After all, one of Larkins’ greatest ambitions is to give the often underrepresented people in the world of entertainment a chance.

“Sometimes Hollywood, studios and networks play it safe. They go with actors and talents that people already know. “Everything is important, but I also like creating for other individuals who are often overlooked,” Larkins said. A person named Shamos Fisher took a chance on me in 2002 and started working for HBO. Wille. And after almost 20 years, I still remember him. I still appreciate it. That’s why I want to create opportunities for people like that.”

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