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Biggest tech reveals at CES 2023

For gamers curious about what the year will bring, it’s useful to turn to the annual CES event. CES 2023 Starts on January 5th and ends on January 8th. With the majority of the event wrapped up, viewers were able to watch presentations from various technology makers and get a glimpse of what the future holds. There are a number of exciting new technology advances, such as new GPUs and Samsung’s new gaming monitors, that could have a big impact on the gaming world.

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Gamers are looking forward to new controllers from Sony that will make gaming more accessible to gamers regardless of physical ability. Various manufacturers have also popped up to reveal the gaming laptops that hit the market throughout the year.Whether gamers are looking for a new TV to complement their 4K gaming console or the next best gaming laptop CES 2023 made it clear that there is enough choice for everyone.

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Sony at CES 2023

Gran Turismo 7 -December-Free-Update-1

Sony showed up at CES 2023 and had a lot to show off to keep the gaming world buzzing for a while. Perhaps the most interesting revelation is Leonardo’s plans. This new gadget aims to make gaming more accessible. This controller has a round shape and is highly customizable. Interchangeable buttons and an array of software options allow gamers to fine-tune their gaming experience regardless of physical ability. Sony has promised to share more details soon, but it proves PlayStation is thinking beyond DualSense Edge when it comes to the range of controllers.

Gran Turismo also received considerable attention. The latest in the long-running racing simulator series, Gran Turismo 7, will receive a VR version when PSVR 2 launches. This is an exciting revelation. Gran Turismo 7 A title that aims to immerse gamers in the racing experience. VR mode only enhances this effect.Sony also provided an upcoming update Gran Turismo movie directed by 9th districtof Neil Blomkamp.Based on the story of Jann Mardenborough who left the play Gran Turismo To become a real-life professional racer, the upcoming film brings top-notch cinematography thanks to Sony’s state-of-the-art cameras.

New hardware announced at CES 2023


A number of new gaming-influencing hardware were also announced during the event. After the recent sale of his Acer Nitro 5, the company has also revealed new hardware, including his Helios 18 and 16. Both have top-notch gaming features, OLED displays, and backlit keyboards. Helios 16 will launch in March and Helios 18 in his April. Acer also showed off its new Predator gaming monitors. The Predator X45 is his 45-inch OLED curved monitor and the Predator X270 is a 27-inch flat monitor.

LG has also made quite a splash by turning its attention to gaming laptops. It revealed more variations of glam laptops that are ultra-thin without conserving power. New entries were also included. A wireless box becomes a central hub where users can connect whatever they need, while a TV can stand on its own, helping to detangle many living rooms.

Intel also announced the Core i9-13980HX, the world’s first 24-core laptop processor. It is used in several new laptops from Asus, including the ROG Strix Scar 18. Intel also announced that the era of Pentium and Celeron budget CPUs is over and will be replaced by new N-series chips. Nvidia didn’t want to stand out from the rest, including his new RTX 4070 Ti GPU. It has also been confirmed that Nvidia will release 5 laptop GPUs this year. This includes the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090, as well as Max-Q versions of the RTX 4050, RTX 4060 and RTX 4070.

While not strictly for gamers, it would be a mistake not to mention Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i. It’s notable because it’s the first full-size dual-screen laptop. Powered by the latest Intel Core processors, this laptop is perfect for the creative type working on visual arts or anyone who wants to work while enjoying light entertainment on his second screen. For gamers, Lenovo also announced its latest top-shelf gaming laptops, the Legion Pro 5i and Legion Pro 5.

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Cool New Toys for Dog Lovers at CES 2023


Most gamers prefer to sit on the couch and have fun, but CES 2023 showcased a cool new gadget for dog lovers. Dog-E He is a robotic dog created by WowWee, the little puppy features realistic movements and sounds. Dogs can interact with their owners and their environment thanks to audio sensors, touch sensors, and a tail that displays icons for communication. The owner must bond with the dog, and the dog can perform several actions such as growling, barking, and licking someone’s face. For those interested in this cool toy, in September he will be available for $80.

Technology is constantly improving and it only benefits gaming. Intel’s new GPUs make gaming laptops even more capable, and LG’s new TVs add even more clarity to games that already look great. As Sony has shown, there are also innovations in gaming accessibility to help the industry continue to grow and accommodate as many gamers as possible.nevertheless CES 2023 is a long event, with highlights showing years of interesting tech and games.

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