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A Pioneer’s Perspective: Pets Are Not Only Recreational Value, They’re Great Companions – Bemidji Pioneer

If there is a power outage in your house or apartment, you are very lucky if you can have a pet instead of Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Not to mention the source of comfort.

That said, pets can be very peculiar, and it can be fun to keep an eye on their quirks.

In my experience, cats have a knack for renovating everyday items and places into their own napping spots. Colby, my parents’ cat, was no exception and found herself in an interesting place.

Colby moved to his parents in May 2021. At this time, I had just graduated from Bemidji State University and was at a loss before leaving college to start her first job.

Before returning to Bemidji in July, I spent some time with Colby noting some creative ways to contort, hide, and simply relax in his newfound home.

His first day was a little overwhelming as he was hesitant to leave the corner of my parents’ porch for a few days.

Our efforts to trick him with food proved to be largely unsuccessful, but he quickly went to the bathroom and took refuge behind the toilet. I didn’t really care about privacy.

Slowly but surely he got used to the idea of ​​leaving random corners of the house and allowing his new family to give him pets and attention. The result was the aggressive hissing and threatening meowing that are characteristic of horror movies featuring cats.

However, as time went on, he became more at home and probably got too used to his nap place.

When my parents went on an anniversary trip to South Dakota in May, I stayed home for a week. I never thought of Colby as a little cat, but he managed to make it work.

That same week, he lay on my parents’ couch and made it appear as if he was hugging one of his front paws against the couch.

He also found refuge in the laundry basket earlier.

cat colby 2.jpg

Colby takes refuge in a laundry hamper as one of his resting places.


Fast forward to the winter of 2023 and he now has his own bed where he seems to spend most of his time. He’s added a bowtie collar to his wardrobe and is rocking a “Naughty or Nice” scarf during the holiday season.

Such outfits complement Colby’s personality and ingenuity. Not to mention his photogenic nature, everything that makes him who he is in the human world.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pet and can keep guessing every time they step and every time their collar rings, don’t take it for granted.

I’ve found that pets are a source of innocence and happiness whenever your personal or work life lacks those two things.

BSU and Northwest Technical College recognize the importance of de-stressing with pets. In particular, he holds a semi-annual De-Stress with Pets event where students and faculty can mingle with their furry friends before the final week.

I’ve covered several of these events since launching on Pioneer in August 2021, so if you have a hearty dog ​​or a friendly cat, and even Cleo the donkey this December, go to my house. I had the opportunity to spend time when I wasn’t. Parents or Colby.

The companionship and entertainment value of pets is extraordinary and can keep them a little more sane than they otherwise would have been.

So does Colby the cat.

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Daltyn Lofstrom is a multimedia reporter for Pioneer.

Readers have access to Pioneer reporter Dartin Lofstrom.

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