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Unusual Tech Shown at CES 2023

Not all gadgets announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show solve just business problems. Some new technologies help people have fun, keep track of things, and improve their personal space.

Here’s an overview of the three new items that check these boxes. We were intrigued by this emerging technology.

Verge Motorcycles Launches Performance Models

Verge Motorcycles’ highly anticipated new electric motorcycle line is now available for pre-order in the US. The company announced that it will start selling in select states sometime in 2023.

By pre-ordering, fans can indicate their interest in being contacted when the long-awaited e-bike launches in the US. The Verge has announced that serial production of his other models, the Verge TS and Verge TS Pro, began in November for select European markets. Here is their brand his clip “Introducing Verge TS Pro – The Electric Superbike”.

The new Verge TS Ultra model (pictured above) is one of the most advanced e-bikes available. The Verge is known for its unique design and innovative integration of the rim motor inside the rear wheel. This pioneering technology enables larger batteries, longer range and incredible performance. Plus, it has a lower center of gravity, offering a better ride than traditional electric bikes.

“We believe there is a lot of potential in the market. [by] Verge Motorcycles CEO Tuomo Lehtimäki said:

The Verge TS Ultra is a high performance model designed from the ground up with electric drive in mind. The Verge TS and Verge TS Pro models already represent innovation. The performance of the new Ultra models is exceptional, with up to 233 miles of range and 25 minutes of fast charging time. With 201 horsepower, the bike goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds.

Commercial smart label tracking device

Pod Group, a Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) company and the world’s first Enterprise Network Operator (ENO), on Tuesday partnered with Sodaq and Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) to develop a paper-thin tracking device. announced the release of Smart Label format.

Smart Label paper-thin tracking device

The device has the potential to revolutionize the logistics industry by allowing the tracking of small, lightweight items.

“Smart mobile devices will play an increasingly important role in the digital transformation of every industry. With their form factor and unique technology, Smart Labels enable a range of new use cases,” said LHIND. said Ingo Pietruska, Vice President of Business Development at

Smart Labels use low-power cellular connectivity (LTE CAT-M) to transmit data about device location and temperature to a central dashboard, allowing logistics companies to track valuables.

A package can be small and light, like an envelope containing important documents, or as large as a full-size oil painting. Powered by LHIND, the LEAP platform enables geofencing with notifications that can be set to alert users when packages enter or leave critical points in the supply chain.

A printed battery keeps the label as light as possible, while using a low-power connection optimizes battery life, ensuring it lasts up to 6 months. A label can be used multiple times depending on how often you send it. Alkaline batteries are also more environmentally friendly than traditional lithium batteries, and the materials used are recyclable.

“Smart labels allow companies with complex supply chains to efficiently track goods and reduce corruption and theft,” said Ollie Smeenk, co-CEO of IoT hardware company Sodaq. said to.

AI-Powered Personalized Air Reform Solutions

At CES 2023, Airovation Technologies’ new company, Airosphera, showcased a breakthrough product and concept: personalized air reformation.

AI-driven air modification solutions personalize a variety of environments for health and performance at home, work and other indoor spaces. Airosphera works with leading brands in consumer electronics, air purifiers, and other related markets to incorporate its technology and AI capabilities into their products in a variety of ways and for several usage scenarios.

This technology utilizes artificial intelligence, unique remote sensing capabilities, and cloud processing to create an all-in-one solution designed to create the optimal personal indoor environment, customized for each user. Through machine learning technology, biosensing can continuously monitor behaviors such as heart rate, breathing rate, and daily life, all remotely.

Personalized baseline parameters for optimal breathing environment are created along with manually inserted data.

According to Marat Maayan, founder and CEO of Airovation Technologies, these air modification products activate air treatment, monitor user-critical key parameters, and provide guidance on how to improve the environment with an accompanying app. We stand out in the market by directing our users.

Air reformers also handle CO2 Levels and treats particulate and microbiological contaminants in indoor spaces, thereby improving people’s productivity and well-being.

Airosphera Trio Air Modification Products

Airosphera product line

Airosphera Pro It improves the air around users, such as students and professionals in the workplace, and helps them become more aware of their vitals and environment to improve their concentration, productivity, and study skills.

Airo Air treatment equipment that improves air quality for enhanced user vitality, health and performance. Removes airborne pollutants and captures CO.2.

aerophylla Junior is an all-in-one air control solution for babies with multi-sensors that measure and reflect the environment and your baby’s condition, and process the air to improve your baby’s health.

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