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Thurston Green Business App Opens

Submitted by Thurston County Chamber of Commerce

T.The Thurston Green Business Program connects and celebrates sustainable businesses and organizations in Thurston County, enhancing the environmental and economic health of our entire community. Applications for Thurston Green Business designation will begin on January 1, 2023 and close on February 28, 2023. There is no cost to apply!

Successful applicants will receive a Thurston Green window sticker and certificate, and the community will recognize successful applicants at an event in April 2023. to Thurston Green Municipality this year.

Community Partners created the Thurston Green Business Program over 16 years ago.
Sign up here.

The application has seven sections.business must pass 1 Of the seven areas that will receive Thurston Green Business Certification for 2023, including:

  1. green business practices
  2. energy efficiency
  3. Reduction in transportation and local travel
  4. Waste reduction and recycling
  5. saving water
  6. social performance
  7. Sustainable product lifecycle

Visit ThurstonGreenBusiness.com to apply today.

If your business is interested in learning about resources that can help increase efficiency and reduce waste in Thurston County, Contact Chamber of Commerce Or contact one of our Thurston Green Business Program partners committed to sustainable Thurston County.

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