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The Arts Fund exhibit explores the influence of politics and culture on & entertainment

The Kind of Mother: Coloring Outside the Lines of Motherhood is the name of a new show opening at The Arts Fund’s Community Gallery, La Cumbre Plaza, 120 S Hope Ave. F119, Santa Barbara.

The opening reception will take place during the bi-monthly Art Walk (January 20th, 5-8pm) throughout the square.

Arts Fund exhibits featuring local artists such as Vanessa Wallace-Gonzalez, Maya Sidney, Hope Okere, Juan D. Mendoza and Amber Valley Evangelista are curated by Valley in Film.

“The Kind of Mother: Coloring Outside the Line of Motherhood is an exhibition that aims to invite audiences to appreciate and challenge the impact of politics and cultural traditions on mothers in today’s society,” said the artist. said curator Evangelista.

“The carefully selected pieces offer diverse stories of femininity and the complexities of motherhood. Femininity, resilience and nurturing are just a few of the words used to describe the emotions felt from the show.” “Artists showcase our vulnerability as mothers, children, and humans in curated shows that exemplify our intimate connection with mothers.”

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