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Mercedes-Benz backs Nvidia’s Omniverse for car production.

CES Mercedes-Benz believes Nvidia’s Omniverse software can be used to create accurate digital twin simulations to streamline its car manufacturing operations.

According to Nvidia, plans for the German automaker to use Omniverse to “design and plan manufacturing and assembly facilities” were announced at CES this week.

Danny Shapiro, Nvidia’s VP of Automotive, said:

Omniverse is what Nvidia calls an “open 3D development platform” that can be used to create digital twin simulations, building a large software business through subscriptions and upgrades that generate more revenue than hardware. Part of the ambitions of the GPU giant.

This is the latest investment by Mercedes-Benz in Nvidia’s expanding portfolio of hardware products and software services. The automaker has already said it plans to use Nvidia’s Drive Orin system-on-a-chip to power self-driving features in cars that hit the market in 2024, and the company also plans to use Nvidia’s Drive Sim software. is used in Omniverse to simulate such functionality.

With the latest move, Mercedes-Benz is expanding its use of Omniverse and hopes that simulating it in software first will allow the platform to respond quickly to changes in production. These changes range from replacing components due to supply issues to rolling out new car models.

According to Nvidia, the ability to simulate these changes in Omniverse will allow automakers to operate without disruption.

Mercedes-Benz plans to use Omniverse to set up a “digital first” planning process for electric vehicle production at its Rastatt, Germany plant. This is aimed at helping automakers avoid production disruptions and is expected to extend the process to other factories over time, he said.

“Using Omniverse, planners at Mercedes-Benz can access a digital twin of the plant, review and optimize it as needed. It can be implemented to maximize efficiency and ergonomics for factory workers,” argued Shapiro.

More and more companies are buying Omniverse, but its long-term success will depend on how accurate the platform’s simulations are and whether Nvidia can prove the software can provide a good return on investment. It’s hanging

British consultancy Challenge Advisory warns that using digital twin technology to represent objects inaccurately poses a significant risk to your business.

“Another major concern that plagues most company owners keen to experiment with digital twins is doubts about the overall accuracy of the simulations the technology builds,” the company said.

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