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Future Tech Hires Dell Channel Marketing Rock Star Mary Katherine Wilson as Part of $1 Billion Promo

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said Mary Catherine Wilson, senior vice president of global marketing and customer experience at Dell. “This is all about growth and solving customer problems.”

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Fast-growing CRN solution provider 500 powerhouse Future Tech Enterprise has hired former Dell Channel Marketing rock star Mary Catherine Wilson as part of a bid to reach $1 billion in sales over the next two years. bottom.

A 23-year Dell channel marketing veteran, Wilson joins Future Tech, #95 on the 2022 CRN Solution Provider 500, as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Customer Experience.

With Mr. Wilson’s appointment, the Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based global IT products and services provider’s revenue has more than doubled in the past two years. Nearly 50% of Future Tech’s top 30 customers work with the company on multiple continents.

Future Tech CEO Bob Venero said the appointment adds a world-class global marketing executive to the team to provide the marketing processes and procedures needed to continue growing at a breakneck pace. .

“If a football team wants to win the Super Bowl, they need to bring in the right talent to make sure they do,” he said. “That’s why we brought Mary Catherine Wilson onto the team. Mary Catherine’s global marketing experience has helped us in building sales and marketing to support billion dollar companies. will be important.”

Mr. Benero said Wilson’s impressive track record as a global marketing leader at Dell helped transform a former direct sales company into a channel giant. said it provides a strong foundation for furthering its partnership with experience bar.

“I’ve known Mary Catherine for over ten years,” Benello said. “She helped build the Dell channel when Dell was a direct sales company. has done a great job at Dell and I’m sure she will do the same at Future Tech as we become a billion dollar organization.”

In fact, Wilson was responsible for the strategy and delivery of Dell’s PartnerDirect channel program in North America, resulting in explosive sales growth under her leadership. In addition to being Director of Channels Her Programs in Marketing and Partners, Wilson supports Dell’s Chief Marketing Officer and most recently, Dell’s Enterprise, her cloud her business, her Virtustream Global. was her leader in marketing.

Venero said Wilson’s many philanthropic endeavors and deep community connections, as well as her ability as a leader to advance women by developing them in Dell’s channel initiatives, will also benefit Future Tech significantly. rice field.

“Future Tech has a long history of building a corporate culture committed to philanthropy and giving back. They will help us continue and raise the bar on our giving-back initiatives, including our partnership with the United AI Alliance, which aims to reduce the digital divide in our communities.”

Wilson has been named to CRN Women of the Channel’s Power 100 list for the tenth consecutive year, including Dell’s participation in CRN’s parent company, The Channel Company’s Channel@Work initiative, and Austin, Texas-based Generation He has also led the promotion of many charitable projects. serve.

Channel@Work will provide community outreach during the XChange conference to give back to people and organizations in the host city. Generation Serve provides volunteer opportunities for children in the Austin community.

Wilson said he was drawn to the senior vice president of global marketing post because of the opportunity to drive growth at one of the most respected global solutions providers.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to challenge the status quo and grow our business,” she said. “This is all about growth and solving customer problems. Future Tech has established a large global presence in the last few years. to Future Tech.”

Wilson also said he looks forward to working closely with all of Future Tech’s leading vendors, including Dell, Intel, Nvidia, VMware and HP Inc., to bring new joint solutions to customers. “My knowledge of what it takes for OEMs to be successful and the value Future Tech brings to customers will be critical to driving growth in areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity and enterprise data centers. am.”

Wilson’s Global Marketing Expertise Builds Future Tech’s Ability to Deliver Products and Services to Fortune 500 Companies Worldwide with Current Operations in 39 Countries and Ability to Serve in 170 Countries It will be the key to keep going.

Future Tech, which currently holds more than $100 million in inventory for global Fortune 500 companies, has built multiple US facilities over the past 18 months to serve as configuration, imaging, logistics and supply chain centers. added approximately 150,000 square feet of space.

“Customers have come to truly appreciate and appreciate Future Tech’s ability to source globally and deliver very quickly,” said Wilson.

Wilson said he stands ready to continue driving Future Tech’s global sourcing capabilities. “One of the things I look forward to for her is telling Future Tech’s global sourcing story and sharing the successes we’ve had in global sourcing with new customers,” she said. “We are reaching out to our multinational customers and making sure they know about Future Tech. Ability to do this kind of global sourcing is not easy.”

Wilson said he is also looking forward to connecting with existing and potential new customers in a world-class environment with Future Tech’s new Executive Briefing Center at its Fort Lauderdale headquarters. “The Briefing Center is the perfect place for strategic face-to-face conversations that help our customers solve their challenges and grow their businesses,” she said. “This is a great way to create breakthrough customer solutions and tell Future Tech stories.”

Wilson said he is also committed to continuing Future Tech’s philanthropic and community efforts. In fact, she has already attended the US-Africa Summit in Washington and met with First Lady Rachel Ruto of Kenya in December as part of the Future Tech Nvidia United AI Alliance to bring more opportunities to Africa. bottom. “The initiative is to harness technology to solve global challenges,” she said. “Initially, Data brought her science opportunity to Kenya, but we want to bring it across Africa.”

Wilson said he has always admired Future Tech’s philanthropic and community efforts, as well as the company’s ability to do more for its customers.

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, Wilson said the key to success is listening to customers and building successful partnerships. “Her three things are listening to her customers’ challenges, listening to her OEMs to understand solutions that address those challenges, and bringing Future Tech value to connect her customers with her OEMs,” she said. said. “It’s not rocket science, but it’s hard to cut through the noise and understand what your customers need.”

The key to making that happen, Wilson said, is working with multiple OEMs to provide customers with a complete solution. “Her ability to work with multiple OEMs comes from Dell working with Microsoft, Intel and others,” she says. “Customers need agnostic voices to bring together solutions from multiple OEMs. We look forward to working with all the vendors Future Tech works with and increasing participation in their marketing programs.” I want all OEMs to understand that I will be their advocate, I want them to understand Future Tech, so that we can grow together I want them to understand their program as well.”

Wilson said her experience at Dell will be important in building relationships with Future Tech OEMs. “She worked for Dell, so she understands what OEMs want,” she said.

Wilson already has a lot of influence in driving marketing plans and rigor for future tech. “One of the exciting things about Future Tech for her is the big investment the company is making in promoting the customer experience,” she said. “It’s all about understanding our customer’s goals and providing the right solutions to meet those goals.”

Wilson’s appointment is one of several key executive additions Future Tech has made to reach $1 billion in revenue over the past three years.

Last August, Future Tech appointed Elbert Laracuente, a 15-year veteran at global systems integrator Atos, as Senior Director of Program Management. At Atos, Laracuente headed the business unit responsible for The Walt Disney Accounts and one of the largest federal system integrators.

In August 2021, 23-year Dell veteran Rick Schindel was appointed Senior Vice President of Sales for Future Tech.

Fred Hoffman, former CTO of accounting firm Grassi & Co. and former Managing Director of Infrastructure Solutions Practice at KPMG/BearingPoint, joined Future Tech as CTO in August 2020.

Future Tech also benefits from the leadership of Rob, son of Venero and the company’s operations manager. Rob leads international expansion responsibilities.

Wilson said he couldn’t be more excited to bring the Future Tech brand to a global audience. “I look forward to helping Future Tech reach her billion dollar mark in sales,” she said. “It’s the right time to make this happen. Future Tech is a very agile organization. The reason I came to Future Tech is to take this company to the next level by building a global marketing and customer experience engine. so that we can implement it.”

Benero said he sees Wilson’s arrival as a defining moment for the company. “Mary Catherine will help us further develop the unique proposition we have realized by providing the same level of support to our customers around the world as in the United States,” he said. “What has driven our growth is our ability to pivot to adapt to the global market. Never forget that our customers are the most important part of our business. That is what Future Tech never forgets. Thing.”

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