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Big Tech payouts based on new public payroll data

Thanks to the introduction of new payroll transparency laws across the country, it’s now easier to see how much some of the world’s biggest tech companies are paying.

As of January 1, California and Washington followed New York City and Colorado by legally requiring employers to list salary ranges in their job advertisements.

California’s wage range law is particularly noteworthy. California has 19 million workers and over 20% of his Fortune 500 companies live here, especially his tech giants like Apple, Google and Meta.

In addition to various job sites, workers in these fields, or those interested, can find technology companies and job vacancies aggregated at Comprehensive.io, a new website from Roger Lee, creator of the Layoffs.fyi tracker. data can be found. Data is based on job postings from over 700 top technology companies and startups, accounting for over 53,000 active listings.

Here’s how much some of the biggest and most talked-about tech companies are paying for current job openings in California, Washington, New York City, and remote areas, based on data from Comprehensive.io .

  • Amazon: Engineering Director, $220,000-$298,000
  • Apple: iOS Engineering Manager, $229,000-$378,000
  • Google: Vice President of Engineering, $550,000
  • Microsoft: Content Design Director, $259,000 to $277,000
  • Meta: Associate General Counsel, $190,000 to $256,000
  • Cisco: UX Research Director, $314,000
  • twitter: Salary and Stock Leads, $162,000 to $226,000

Also, by job title, here are the average wages for some common technical jobs.

  • Software Engineer: $132,000 to $200,000
  • Product manager: $130,000 to $197,000
  • Account Executive: $111,000 to $147,000
  • Product designer: $123,000 – $188,000
  • Data Scientist: $154,000 to $212,000
  • Human Resources Business Partner: $92,000 – $139,000
  • manager: $71,000 to $76,000

It is worth noting that some salary ranges only cover base salaries, while others include gross compensation such as bonuses and equity. This is a big draw for tech jobs, and can ultimately increase workers’ total compensation packages by six figures, if not $1 million.

For example, Netflix states that their published range is based on total compensation (i.e., base salary plus all additional fees), and their senior software engineer job listing states that “an overall A typical market range is $90,000 to $900,000.”

Public criticism of New York City’s introduction, as well as very broad coverage, has seen pay bands implemented in good faith by employers and in the spirit of the law’s purpose of ensuring transparency and helping to close the pay gap. Questions have been raised as to whether the

For example, Tesla’s job posting for Program Manager states that the expected compensation is “$54,400 to $266,400/year + cash and stock compensation + benefits.”

Netflix and Tesla did not respond to CNBC Make It’s requests for comment.

Several notable companies, including Amazon, Adobe, and Stripe, did not immediately update their job ads to include salary ranges.

When asked for comment, an Amazon rep said the company is “committed to paying shares and complying with new laws.” Adobe has updated all US listings to include payments by Friday afternoon. Stripe also said it will update all US listings to include payments by next week.

As of this week, Comprehensive.io says 39% of tech companies are compliant with California’s new salary range law. In New York City, where the law went into effect on November 1st, 63% of tech companies are compliant.

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