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According to a new website that tracks salaries for 700 companies, these are some of the hottest jobs in the tech industry right now and what they pay.

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Salary ranges, compiled on our new website,, help identify the most popular positions currently available in the tech industry and what you can expect to earn in those positions.Morsa Images/Getty Images

  • The new website brings together salaries for 700 top tech companies, including industry giants such as Amazon and Google.

  • Insider used salary data to identify the most popular tech jobs available and their salaries.

  • From software engineers to product managers, here are the most popular tech jobs companies are hiring today, along with their average salaries.

The new website will help tech workers better estimate their market value and also help people looking to get into tech jobs know what their best bet is and how much they can earn. It is also useful to know what

The website launched Thursday. Tracks salaries for 700 top tech companies and startups, and thanks to pay transparency laws in tech hubs like New York City and California, many companies are now required to list them in their job postings Based on the numbers, we have summarized the wage ranges for different jobs. Using salary data aggregated on the site, Insider identified some of the hottest tech jobs today. This is measured by the number of vacancies currently listed for a given role and the average salary range.

Note that each salary range listed is an average of the salary ranges offered across all job postings found by for a particular role across the company. The numbers below are accurate at the time of publication, but are subject to change as the salary tracker is updated daily as more vacancies become available.

Without further ado, here’s a sample of the most popular jobs in the tech industry today, along with an average estimate of how much you’ll make in those jobs.

Senior Software Engineer: $147,000 – $210,000 (based on 405 job postings from 80 companies)

Software Engineer: $132,000 – $200,000 (based on 285 jobs from 53 companies)

Senior Product Manager: $152,000 – $208,000 (based on 151 job postings from 50 companies)

Staff Software Engineers: $175,000 – $226,000 (based on 137 job postings from 35 companies)

Technical manager: $173,000 – $234,000 (based on 83 jobs from 36 companies)

Product manager: $130,000 – $197,000 (based on 72 job postings from 38 companies)

Account Executive: $111,000 – $150,000 (based on 59 jobs from 23 companies)

Technical Program Manager: $147,000 – $201,000 (based on 43 job postings from 14 companies)

senior products designer: $141,000 – $200,000 (based on 43 job postings from 28 companies)

Product designer: $123,000 – $188,000 (based on 43 job postings from 16 companies)

Principal Software Engineer: $207,000 – $282,000 (based on 38 job postings from 14 companies)

Senior Product Marketing Manager: $147,000 – $199,000 (based on 32 job postings from 19 companies)

Enterprise Account Executive: $178,000 – $242,000 (based on 31 job postings from 17 companies)

Data Scientist: $154,000 – $212,000 (based on 21 jobs from 13 companies)

Site Reliability Engineer: $120,000 – $175,000 (based on 21 job postings from 10 companies)

account manager: $75,000 – $101,000 (based on 19 jobs from 15 companies)

Sales Development Representative: $54,000 – $63,000 (based on 18 job postings from 14 companies)

Senior Financial Analyst: $92,000 – $128,000 (based on 18 job postings from 12 companies)

Security Engineer: $150,000 – $180,000 (based on 17 job postings from 11 companies)

Senior Data Analyst: $125,000 – $174,000 (based on 17 jobs from 11 companies)

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