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Lincoln Project Blames ‘Dysfunctional’ House Republicans Amid Speaker’s Snafu

Whose fault is it in the end? Of course, Donald Trump.

A Republican House majority enters the third day of its attempt to install a House Speaker, and Republicans Lincoln Project I’m paying attention.

A statement ahead of Thursday’s reconvocation of the House condemned the “chaos” of the Republican caucuses and set up a contrast with the president Joe Bidenappeared Wednesday with Senate Republican leaders Mitch McConnell At a press conference highlighting infrastructure investment.

“Today there was contrast in leadership. President Biden, who embodies professionalism and class, leads a bipartisan group of congressmen to do what they do when elected officials put their differences aside and work for the American people. celebrated what happened,” claimed the Lincoln Project.

“Alternatively, after six votes were cast for the Speaker of the House and the end was soon in sight, it became clear that Republicans in Congress could not even hand over power peacefully to themselves. They’re dysfunctional, paralyzed by their antics and love of chaos.”

Wednesday’s poll reveals 20 congressmen who backed Florida Byron Donalds that’s all Kevin McCarthy of California. Republicans adjourned the House Wednesday night, signaling cautious optimism that at least some of these dissidents could be pushed back into the ruling lane.

Former president donald trump The Lincoln Project, which endorses McCarthy, blames the party’s former and possibly future leaders for the Republican turmoil.

“Today is proof that the Republican takeover is complete after Trump reshaped the party in his image,” the project claims.

“Anyone who thinks Trump has lost his influence is a dreamer or delusional. The majority of Republican lawmakers are election naysayers and have a trading view of politics where only winning matters. Line up and do his bidding when the push is imminent.”

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