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Family-owned Fayetteville Entertainment Promoter

Lamont "L." Fayetteville entertainment promoter Clark is on the left and rapper Pastor Troy is on the left.

On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton cuts the ribbon for the first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas. By 1967, he owned 24 stores and generated $12.7 million in revenue, according to the store’s official website.

Today Walmart is one of the world’s largest retailers. But it started with Sam Walton’s vision for a new business model. Most importantly, Sam paved the way for the Walton family to build wealth for generations. Today, the Walmart brand is a public company. Walmart is a family-owned business owned and operated by the Walton family.

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In Fayetteville, Lamont “L” Clark and the Clark family have established themselves as the pinnacle of entertainment and nightlife. L Clarke’s childhood dream was to own and operate a nightclub.

Rakeem Jones

Clarke, who had been around the club as a youth, aspired to become a promoter. But the Clark family’s entertainment empire predates his L. His uncle Freddie, or “Ankh,” was a major player in Fayetteville’s entertainment industry for years.

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Through Unk’s work, L and his brother were able to establish a role in the family business. In 1999, Ankh booked comedian DL Hughley for a show at the Crown Coliseum. L seized the opportunity to throw an afterparty at the Pavilion nightclub.

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