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Dummer Hamlin case has parents rethinking their kids’ contact sports

West Palm Beach, Florida — Case Involving Buffalo Bills Safety Dummer Hamlin Many parents are reconsidering whether to allow their children to play contact sports.

“I mean, it was really scary,” said parent Aaron Moreno. “He tackled and just went down.”

Hamlin was taken to hospital in critical condition after suffering a cardiac arrest during the Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Moreno told WPTV at a park in West Palm Beach, “I was a little worried, but nothing changed.

Moreno said he played soccer until high school and isn’t against his two-year-old son playing contact sports as he gets older.

“As a parent, I think you worry all the time, you worry all the time,” he said. I don’t think there is.”

But Anastasia Chunaeva feels differently.

Anastasia Chunaeva doesn't want her son to play contact sports

Anastasia Chunaeva doesn’t want her son to play contact sports.

Briana Nespral/WPTV

“I don’t want him to be interested in contact sports,” she said of her son.

Participation in boys’ 11-a-side soccer has declined slightly in recent years, “partly due to concerns about the risk of injury,” according to the National High School Federation.

“It will be very difficult to say no,” Chunaeva said. “I’ll probably do my best to explain the pros and cons and explain the possible consequences.”

But for Moreno, the decision is clear.

“Whether it’s football or getting a driver’s license, me and his mother want to wrap him in bubble wrap to keep him safe, but we can’t,” Moreno said. .

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