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Delta to offer free Paramount + Library next year – The Hollywood Reporter

Starting this spring, Delta SkyMiles members, the airline’s free-to-join loyalty program, will be able to watch the entire Paramount+ streaming library as part of their in-flight entertainment, the companies announced Thursday.

SkyMiles members get free high-speed internet and access to the premium tier of Paramount+. This is mostly ad-free on flights departing from U.S. locations, with the exception of live programming like sports and news. After landing, members will be able to take advantage of a free trial of Paramount+’s premium tier, although the company has yet to specify the length of the trial period.

Delta became the airline’s streaming partner just over a year ago as part of a major update to Delta’s entertainment offerings, according to Jeff Schultz, chief strategy officer and chief business development officer at Paramount Streaming. I contacted Paramount first. To facilitate increased entertainment, Delta will roll out high-speed satellite internet powered by Viasat on more than 700 aircraft starting February 1, upgrading seatback screens to smart devices, said Delta’s CEO. Ed Bastian at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

The Paramount and Delta deal is an upgrade from the typical partnership between streamers and airlines, which usually comes with window rights issues and limited server storage capacity for plain content. (In December, Peacock partnered with Jet Blue to bel air When Pitch Perfect: Bumpers in Berlin However, subscribers can access the entire Peacock catalog from their personal devices. ) For passengers streaming from their devices, aircraft may not have sufficient bandwidth to service multiple devices attempting to stream content, resulting in an ideal or less than ideal experience. Hmm. Impossible.

Jeff Schultz

Jeff Schultz

Courtesy of Paramount

By offering the entire Paramount + library, Paramount aims to increase exposure for the show and attract new subscribers from the 50 million unique passengers who fly on Delta each year, Schultz said. “1883 When 1923 When Tulsa King, these are hits. They do a lot of work for us in terms of acquisition and retention and engagement. Our consumers love them, but they’re objectively underexposed,” Schultz said. said. Hollywood Reporter. “It is true that most people have never seen it and many have never heard of it. [them], and this is an opportunity to expose these shows to this massive audience. ”

And each passenger who wants to watch Paramount+ content on a Delta flight will create an account, giving streamers direct access to new audiences. Paramount Global’s marquee streaming service is in desperate need of new subscriber growth as streaming services struggle with slowing growth. As of the end of September, Paramount+ had 46 million subscribers and Pluto TV (an ad-supported free service) reached his 72 million monthly active users.

Other updates to Delta’s entertainment services include: new york times This year we offer games such as Wordle, Spelling Bee and crosswords for passengers.

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