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Zach Taylor, Joe Burrow spotlighted Monday night leadership

Shortly after Buffalo Bills defender Dumar Hamlin was injured, both Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and head coach Zach Taylor stood out as key tie-in points for the night’s event. .

After the ambulance left the field, Taylor ran into midfield and had a discussion with Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott.

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Burrow, behind the scenes leading a group of Bengals captains to the Bills’ locker room where they check out the players.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer wrote about the leadership of both men, sprinkled with some confirmation details about when everyone knew the game was off and Burrow had taken the lead.

• While the players were loose on the field, Taylor spotted McDermott, saw his face trembling, and approached him. At that moment, the Bengals coach showed compassion not only for his colleagues, but also for the state of McDermott’s team, and then it became clear to everyone involved that no more football would be played that night.

• After the players returned to the locker room, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow gathered the Cincinnati captain and walked into the Bills’ locker room to check on the Buffalo players. Football is such a violent game among NFL players that there is an unspoken code to care for each other as much as possible. And here is a vivid illustration of it.

There are also some surprising notes in the article about first responders and the steadfast leadership of McDermott and Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Of particular note, however, is Taylor, who received much praise for crossing the field during the warm-up to restart the game and later visiting the hospital to care for Hamlin.

For now, the Bills Bengals won’t be playing this week, and the NFL will make a decision on the ultimate fate of the game when the time is right. and showed what they were doing.

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