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Twitter plans to resume running some political ads

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Twitter said Tuesday it plans to expand the types of political and issue-oriented ads allowed on its service.

why it matters: The move could help cash-strapped Twitter boost revenue. The advertising category could also become less controversial thanks to new regulations that require online political advertisers to be more explicit about who is paying for their messages.

  • Twitter said it “believes that cause-based advertising can foster public conversation about important topics.” in the post. “Today, we are relaxing our advertising policy for cause-based advertising in the U.S. We also plan to expand our allowed political advertising in the coming weeks.”

Flashback: Twitter banned political advertising in the fall of 2019, severing what had been a pretty strong business for the company.

Big picture: Other online companies that once avoided political advertising are also becoming more open to such advertising, including Spotify and Hulu.

What they say: Jake Sticka, vice president of client strategy at progressive political advertising firm Rising Tide Interactive, applauded the move. “While Twitter’s previous policies allowed companies like ExxonMobil to advertise their activities with few restrictions, climate protection groups are restricted from running ads that hold polluters accountable. was there.”

Yes, but: Sticca applauded the move, but said he would be “cautious” when encouraging customers to return to Twitter. environment. ”

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