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Pioneer Tech Entrepreneur Stan Woodward Invests in Haven Video Platform

Woodward will serve on the Advisory Board to help expand the capabilities of the Haven Platform, which focuses on data privacy and security.

west caldwell, new jersey, January 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A pioneer in the technology industry who has helped build influential brands such as and Yahoo!. will join Haven, a new advanced feature communications platform that recently launched a video collaboration service with industry-leading data protection for its users. Woodward’s investment and advisory services to the company will help boost the startup as it plans to roll out additional cutting-edge product families in 2023.

The Haven Video service launched in . December 2022, no ads, no tracking, no monitoring, no sale of personal information to third parties, and user ownership of all data. It is a commitment to privacy that sets it apart from other products. As the company grows, Haven plans to expand its service offerings to compete directly with many other popular business and consumer applications with a focus on data privacy.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join this incredible team,” said Woodward. are betraying users’ trust by raising operational funds, censoring or canceling content and accounts, there is a huge craving among experts and influencers, and truly trustworthy and safe For organizations looking for a private communications and commerce platform in their home, Haven is the answer.”

“Haven represents the next logical leap in online communication by providing a secure, trusted, and private platform for professionals, influencers, and organizations who want to communicate and transact freely,” he continued. I was.

Woodward has invested in over 70 early-stage ventures since 1995 and has participated in several successful IPOs, including and Ascend. $30 billion At the time of acquisition by Yahoo! and Lucent, respectively.

“Ensuring data privacy and ownership and protecting intellectual property are some of the most pressing challenges of our time. johnnie walker, CEO of Haven’s parent company, Holo Sail Technologies. “Users are waking up to the fact that they need applications that promise to protect their data and streamline how it is delivered. We want individuals and businesses to feel safe and streamlined online. We created Haven to provide a unique experience, with the potential to truly transform the way Haven’s advanced features and secure communication and ideas are shared for users. I have.”

Stan Woodward Our extensive experience in data management, distribution, artificial intelligence, analytics, and content delivery helps ensure a family of innovative products that set new standards for how we interact online. We are thrilled to have a digital communications pioneer on our team, both as an advisor,” continues Walker.

Woodward is currently a director and seed investor in IPTalons, an innovation protection platform for corporate, university and government R&D. Prior to this, Woodward provided seed funding and he co-founded MyLifeIQ, a genomics health and wellness company that was sold to Recuro Health and cybersecurity consulting firm Quantum Symphony Group. He is former CEO and Chairman of He MVPindex, Inc., a social and digital sponsorship rating platform for sports and entertainment brands, teams, leagues, assets, and influencers.

Haven Video is currently offered as a free trial and plans are $7.99/monthThe company also offers a variety of custom white label solutions for corporate and institutional clients.

About Haven

Haven is a cutting-edge digital communications “super-platform” that provides users with advanced data security and privacy protection across a range of services. Haven’s scalable product line and flexible pricing serve as an alternative or complement to multiple applications, subscriptions and programs. Haven is a subsidiary of Holo Sail Technologies, Inc. Veteran owned equal opportunity employer.

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