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New Rick Scott ad defends failed Senate leadership challenge

Florida junior senators stay defiant in the face of hardship biased loss In his latest challenge to a Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

Rick Scott Re-election campaign released new ad Wednesday defending his unsuccessful challenge to the Kentucky Senate. Friendly fox news The article spotlight “Got to Change” mentions a lot of spending.

“People told me not to run for Republican leadership against Mitch McConnell. We have to start somewhere.

“We are on the road to awakened socialism and the Republicans are just a speed bump,” said Scott. “We can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing. It’s time for Republicans to be bold, tell the truth, and stop giving in. Help change our party. Please join us.”

The ad is the first of Scott’s 2024 cycle and the first after an unsuccessful tenure as chairman of the National Republican Senate Committee. Scott predicted that 55 seats in the current Senate could go to Republicans, but Republicans will lose their seats to the net and will remain in the minority for at least two more years.

Despite its shortcomings, Scott went on to make the first challenge to McConnell’s caucus leadership, despite the accusations directed at him. The Neapolitan Republicans lost to McConnell by a vote of 37 to 10.

The leadership challenge comes after the feud between Scott and McConnell simmered all summer, highlighted by an unlikely visual of a GOP leader warning of Scott’s policy proposal, known as his plan to “save America.” it was done.

“Tell me what’s not part of our agenda. A bill that in five years would increase taxes on half of Americans and abolish Social Security and Medicare would not be part of our agenda. right after The announcement of the plan as Scott walks away from the press conference. “It will not be part of the Republican Senate Majority agenda.”

Ultimately, McConnell was right, especially considering there is no Republican Senate Majority agenda in this Congress.

Check out the new Rick Scott ad below.

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