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NBC’s American Autocast: Full Breakdown

American Auto is back for a second season and we can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans await the Payne Motors employees. Everything you need to know is here.

Payne Motors CEO Catherine has a background in the pharmaceutical industry. She puts her career first and is determined to keep her company alive amidst her scandal. Personality-wise, she is outspoken, witty, and focused, although she can also lean towards a narcissistic side (to humorous effect).

Anya Gasteyer is a former Saturday Night Live cast member.

Sadie, head of communications at Payne Motors, faces the challenge of prioritizing her professional life while balancing her relationship with Jack. Like Katherine, she is witty, driven, and has a Type A perfectionist personality.

As for Harriet Dyer, she got the most attention in the 2020 movie Invisible Man.

A member of the founding family of Payne Motors, wealthy and proud Wesley hangs around the company, denying the fact that he has no useful skills.

John Ballinholtz also played Marcus White on NBC’s Superstore.

Classy and charming, Jack comes from a blue-collar background as an assembly line worker, but was inadvertently promoted to executive management. He has fresh insights, clear morals about life, and is eager to learn and adapt.

Ty White is also known for his role as Jason Simpson on The People vs. OJ Simpson.

Cyrus is Chief Product Designer at Payne Motors. He has a creative and idealistic spirit that is always trying to materialize, and is often willing to show others his vision. sometimes

Michael Benjamin Washington also stars in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Elliot, General Counsel of Payne Motors, is ironic and disgusted. She acts aloof on the surface, but is actually very sensitive on the inside.

Humphrey Carr is an English comedian and actor best known for his affiliation with the sketch comedy troupe Penny Dreadfuls.

Katherine’s assistant at Payne Motors, Dori is not afraid to challenge her boss when necessary. His loyalty to the city of Detroit is also high.

American Auto is actress X Mayo’s breakout role.

How to see Peacock American Auto

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