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Max chooses between Helen and Elizabeth — but was it the right one?

every Tuesday New Amsterdam, Max made a decision about what or who he really wanted. And to get to that revelation, he took some of his colleagues on a traumatic mountain trek.

As the episode begins, Max hasn’t heard from Helen after seeing her on TV and explains to Floyd that he can’t open that door after trying so hard to get over her. Instead, he apologizes to Elizabeth for his reaction. Seeing Helen was like watching a ghost. Elizabeth seems to appreciate his apology, but insists she’s not part of someone else’s romantic drama. Shortly after asked for a redo, he received a text from Helen asking if he could meet him tonight.

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However, Max would rather avoid Helen, so he jumps at the chance to take over the patient’s grand escape trip and finds a last-minute doctor to cover Elizabeth and Helen so they can tag along. Iggy, who is having trouble signing for , also jumps at the opportunity to avoid reality.)

According to The Great Escape Guide, rappelling off a 300ft cliff will reveal what a person really wants, and will Max clear his mind? , unless you get trapped under a rock or have your feet cut off or cauterized! In the midst of trying to save, Max takes the opportunity to tell Lauren that he has been dreaming of seeing her again for months after Helen left and asks her why she left him. Lauren believes she is doing the right thing by not seeing Helen, and she believes that nothing she says will help Max. She urges him to look forward, not backward.

Summary of New Amsterdam

Summary of New Amsterdam

Eventually Max shows Elizabeth a text from Helen. He says he won’t go, but Elizabeth replies that he needs to look at Helen and decide what he really wants. .

After they were rescued from a natural nightmare, Max stared at Helen for a moment through the bar window, but Helen didn’t go inside. Instead, he appeared at Elizabeth’s door and kissed her. increase.

New Amsterdam Fans, what did you think of Max’s choice? Do you think he needed to speak to Helen to resolve it? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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