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Best VTubers to watch on YouTube and Twitch in 2023

As VTubers continue to rise on YouTube and Twitch, 2023 has a lot to look forward to. From big agency stalwarts to rising stars in the indie space, we’ve compiled a list of the best of his VTubers to watch this year.

VTubing is a growing medium, with new stars debuting daily on Twitch and YouTube. Especially considering the big agency events and the sheer amount of independent talent, it might be a handful to keep up.

As we head into 2023, many VTubers are setting new resolutions for cool content and big dreams. We’ve focused on a few for this list, highlighting some of the best VTubers to watch this year.

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Ni no Mae Inanis

Hololive VTuber Ni no Mae Inanis has TakodachiYouTube: Ni no Mae Inanis

Ni no Mae Inanis One of the biggest VTubers in the world. Part of the original Hololive EN wave, Myth, she has developed a loyal following over the past two years.

However, she took a step back at the end of 2022 to work on her underlying health issues and allow her to continue her dream of becoming a VTuber.

When Her return is set for January 8, 2023, this year is going to be a big year for Ina. And there will be a lot of hype about what she’s been working on in the background. Her return from likely to involve more Takodachi.

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VTuber EllieTwitch: EllyEN

Huhlrye is a high-octane and energetic VTuber starting strong in 2023. Following her 2.0 debut in December, she’s now pushing through a long subason and gearing up for the big year.

A full-time streamer focused on gaming content and creating original music for a punk rock band (The Aliens), she fell in love with the medium after years of playing GTA RP. Be creative, try something new, and find success in an industry you’re passionate about that supports your hobby,” she said.

Eccentric anyway, watching Ellie stream is like being in a robbery, which fits her lore. After all, she’s the boss of a crime syndicate and the leader of a syndicate (the name of her fanbase). That “chaotic good” energy extends to her confidence and motivation to stream.

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“VTubing is my life right now,” she said. “I have a 10+ year plan and a lot of goals to achieve. I want to take over the world, make a name for myself, make people laugh while having fun, make them feel good, and continue to expand my world of content. I think I want to do.”

If you like her vibe, it’s never too late to join the syndicate. She has a lot to share, including new costumes, lore, original music, and big secret reveals.

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“Come with me on this ride and get into trouble!”

Kyoran Meroko

Meroko Kyoran from Nijisanji EN XSOLEILYouTube: Kyoran Meroko

Part of Nijisanjien’s latest wave XSOLEIL, Kyoran Meroko It’s the one that piques the interest of fans the most. Bilingual in Japanese and English, his VTuber blends in well with the mega-agency jokes and memes and is already pumping out great content within weeks.

She’s an incredibly talented singer⁠—one listen to the Phantom cover is enough⁠— and an avid gamer too (she wowed fans with the Golden Cauldron in her first Getting Over It stream. rice field).

Since debuting just a few weeks ago, she’s exploded into the space with nearly daily streams, as the latest generation of Nijisanji take over YouTube’s screens, with Meloco leading the way. , they seem unstoppable.

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VTuber MizuneoTwitch: mizue

Mizutsuneo A pretty unique VTuber. You can compare her to V Her Shojo star Zentreya, who pushed her voice through a speech-to-text program and previously used a chat box to communicate with her stream. It really doesn’t do her justice.

Msuzu is physically taciturn, but that doesn’t detract from the chaotic stream experience.

As she told Dexerto, “I can self-manage Twitch chat in AI tournaments, use my Python code to control my PC with chat every time I die, or use chat controls in my games.” give

“My favorite part about streaming and being a VTuber is being able to really be yourself without having a voice,” she said.

“Now I can say it with pride, because my attitude speaks so much louder than any words I can say. Because regardless of what I can’t do, I will always be me and continue to go through the crazy things I want to do with the community.”

She’s been on a steady rise since April 2022, and plans to increase it even further in 2023 by coding more interactive elements on her stream herself. If you want to join in the fun, she’s worth checking out.

Haruka Karibe

V girl Haruka Karibe kicks herself in a skitTwitch: Haruka Karibe

Haruka Karibe A well-known name in the world of Twitch VTubing. The beloved caribou (not elk) has achieved a massive (cult) following several years of content creation and is striving to cement her position at the top with her latest addition, VShjojo, which was added in December. I’m here.

Her skit content is one of the most memorable by any creator, VTubing or not. It’s amazing how smoothly she flows from pre-recorded to live. But her stream is so much more, and she has big goals for 2023.

“[I’m] “I am here to share my journey to fulfilling all the dreams and passions I have longed for since I was a kid,” she told Dexert. It can be anything from a personal goal like being a good singer to lead, to a community goal like supporting the disabled community!”

She planned to start 2023 with a massive subason before illness got in the way, but it’s going to be the year of the moose, so keep an eye out for when she’s fine and ready. Please give me.

MythicDuo (Flare & Umbrella)

Flare and Umbrella, MythicDuo VTuberTwitter: DimaDuchess / Courtesy

flare When Ambre are a VTuber duo where couples stream together and share their gaming adventures with the world. Formerly present as Facecam streamers, they jumped on his VTuber train in early 2022, and their December re-debut drew a lot of attention.

Combined, they’re MythicDuo, an “adventurer by day, streamer by night” that exudes a very comfortable vibe no matter what you’re doing on stream. Flair describes them as “disorderly wholesome” when they’re together, but that’s not always the case.

“She’s more focused on PlayStation games and I’m more focused on Nintendo, sometimes streaming fun multiplayer games together,” he told Dexerto.

What that means is basically three channels in one. If you prefer Flare or Umbre solo content, you can choose to watch it. Do you like them as a couple in a dynamic, perfectly synced stream? Keep an eye on their collaborative streams or listen to each other’s solo broadcasts in the background.

That’s the magic of MythicDuo’s content. There’s an element of surprise when new viewers see someone new on the stream the next day, and it’s something they love to share with the community. I was. “Even if you don’t enjoy one content, you can enjoy the other.

“Sometimes people will come in and prefer one or the other,” Flair continued. “But I don’t think we split channels just because we’re a duo. [and] In my opinion, it makes our content even more interesting. “

rice ball

VTuber rice ball cooking on TwitchTwitch: onigiri

rice ball has long featured some of the most innovative VTubing content on Twitch. Using complex motion her capture settings, she can immerse her 2D VTuber self into her 3D IRL space and cook for the community with her “floating” hands.

She’s the first to admit that she’s “not fancy,” but her detailed description is otherwise. I still have an interactive cooking her stream where I can cook and manipulate in an IRL space while still maintaining a 2D model,” she tells her Dexerto.

Her relationship with her community is one of love-hate, and can be described as “they definitely make me nervous with every joke around.” But it’s also what keeps her going.

At the end of 2022, she stepped up her creativity and became one of the only VTubers with a regular, dedicated IRL stream, chatting with her across Japan and walking her dog Pom Pom.

She plans to create more such content in 2023. With the debut of a new outfit for the Lunar New Year and big plans for the first half of the year, Giri’s future looks bright and she’ll continue serving her Twitch dishes whenever she can.

“There will be some life changes that I can’t talk about right now,” she teased.


VTuber Serafina from AuroraLiveVRYouTube: Seraphina

Serafinabe a member of Aurora Live VR, won the hearts of many at the end of 2022. Her cover of Golden Hour by JVKE was a rage, and upon its release she received nearly 2 million views.

He is a demi-god and half-human who draws the blood of “a virtual Egypt that communicates with people”, and is a multilingual VTuber who can speak Chinese, Japanese, and English. Although she primarily streams on her Bilibili, she has gradually started YouTube streaming to reach a wider audience with her content.

“I sing in four different languages ​​in different styles,” she tells Dexerto. “I mainly distribute karaoke and chat [Just Chatting]We are planning to release an original song again this year.

“I wish I could play video games [on] I’m streaming, but I get motion sickness and dizziness when playing games, so Genshin Impact is the only game I can play without getting dizzy. The game will be streamed less, but I love Genshin Impact! “

She’s still learning English, but her stream is still a great experience. Her singing voice is among the best in her VTubing space⁠—which can be appreciated regardless of language barriers. Seraphina is one of the players to watch this year, with many goals at the height of the boom in the second half of 2022.

“In 2023, I will do my best to improve and expand my singing skills so that I can deliver better music works, especially original songs. I also want to improve my English and Korean skills, and I want to stream more. [on] YouTube, get to know my followers and get to know everyone better! “


Chibidoki VTuberTwitch: Chibidoki

Chibidoki will have an explosive second year on Twitch in 2022, and the cute cyber girl VTuber has continued to grow consistently since her debut year in 2021.

Almost every day, you can see her live being “abused” in chats throwing random objects at her, in collabs with her friends or in solo streams.

She just debuted a new model at the end of 2022 and promises big results for 2023. Also promised a hairy modelDon’t think you forgot. we are watching

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