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What BMV denies in 2022

Ohioans were really unhappy with the high gas prices last year.

Vanity plates such as EFFGAS1 and GASFML are among more than 750 requests denied by the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles in 2022, according to a list obtained by the USA TODAY Network Ohio Department. BMV prohibits words and letter combinations that are profane, sexually explicit, advocate lawlessness, or that may provoke violent reactions.

Gas costs hit $5 a gallon last summer as inflation skyrocketed.

Beyond that, politically themed vanity plates were just as popular in 2021. President Joe Biden had more hits on the plate such as FKBDN and his TRMP FJB, but one raised sentiment FU GOP. Another applicant wanted to show his patriotism with the AMRCNAF.

There was also plenty of profanity and references to sex and bodily fluids. Then there’s the person we’ve all been at one point: FK IM L8.

The Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles has rejected over 750 proposed vanity plates for 2022.

See the list below. Plates containing explicit racial, ethnic, or homophobic slurs have been removed.

Haley BeMiller is a reporter for the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau serving Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Enquirer, Akron Beacon Journal and 18 affiliated news outlets in Ohio.

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