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Students Benefit When Cloud Computing Tech Leaders Return To School

The world leader in cloud computing is going back to school. Actually, back to Hilliard City School. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hilliard’s primary business presence, a global innovator of digital cloud technologies transforming online commerce, has helped build and support 17 enhanced learning spaces in local schools doing.

David Stewart is the Superintendent of Hilliard City Schools.

AWS InCommunities, the company’s outreach program for Hilliard and other communities where AWS has established facilities, partners with Hilliard City Schools to expand the AWS Think Big Space program to inspire students and teachers to be creative We provide an advanced learning environment. Apply cloud computing to solve real-world problems.

These enhanced classrooms also encourage Hilliard students to develop interests in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the arts outside the classroom and in everyday life. The result is an integrated environment that supports interactive hands-on learning and can be personalized for students of all ages, interests and abilities.

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