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Electric cars take center stage at annual San Diego Auto Show

San Diego’s annual auto show looked pretty much the same as it did pre-pandemic. It was filled with thousands of people, new car releases, and bright colors.

One of the notable differences this year is the inevitable presence of hybrid and electric vehicles.

This was a welcome change for auto show attendee and electric car owner Steve Byer.

“We have solar in our house, so it’s natural. We just plug it in every night and when we wake up in the morning, the tank is full,” he said.

IMG_5771 (1).jpg

Hundreds of people crowd around a new Ford vehicle at the San Diego International Auto Show on January 2, 2023.

Guillermo Barajon was looking for a new fully electric car with his wife.

He said high gas prices over the past few years have played a factor in the decision to make the switch.

“Well, we know EV is the way to go. With gas prices as they are, we want to upgrade and have a car that will last us for a few years,” Barajon said. I got

Others looking for a new car at the event, like Joe Quiros, plan to stick with conventional petrol cars.

Speaking to KPBS after stepping out of his Ford Lighting all-electric truck, he said:


A man poses for a photo in front of the San Diego International Auto Show sign on January 2, 2023.

Quiroz doesn’t seem too concerned about gas prices or the state’s policy that by 2035 all new cars, pickup trucks and SUVs sold in California must run on electric or hydrogen. was.

“It sounds good, but when you start doing research, it doesn’t seem as cost-effective as they think. It’s kind of a new technology, and I’m kind of old-fashioned.” Quiroz says.

Some, like John Saad, were looking for a plug-in hybrid.


Yellow starred paths will guide auto show attendees throughout the event on January 2, 2023.

He said it was the best option for his family at this time as electric vehicle charging infrastructure continues to be built across the country.

“The 40-mile range is the maximum range you can go all-electric and take home and recharge for the night,” Saad says. “But when we go on long trips, we don’t have to drive and wait at charging stations. [feeling anxious]Equipped with a regular gasoline engine, it can travel the rest of the distance. “

Bayer said he wouldn’t go back to a gasoline car because it’s easier to charge at home and electric cars are cheaper to maintain.

Even with the benefits, electric vehicle owners warn that some EVs can’t drive 100% of the range on a full charge.

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