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Dummer Hamlin’s injury sends shockwaves across the sports world

New York — Players’ reactions on the field When Dummer Hamlin fell It’s a scene you won’t soon forget.

Shock, grief, disbelief – and that’s when everyone at home realized this was far worse than a bad football injury. It was a life or death moment, and that’s why NFL postponed the game.

Hamlin collided with Bengals wide receiver Tea Higgins during the play.

“My prayers and thoughts [Damar Hamlin] and the Hamlin family. I hope you get over bro,” Higgins wrote on Twitter.

Because this happened in real time on a nationally televised match, the reaction spread throughout the sports world, including LeBron James.

“My thoughts and best prayers go to the skies for his family,” James said. “Whoever had the opportunity or the authority to suspend it. Athlete safety is always paramount in all sports.”

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin talks Bills safety Dumar Hamlin injury


Closer to New York is the Giants’ safety Julian Love. Hamlin and I have been friends since high school.

“It’s scary. You’re about my age. There are so many emotions in your heart, so many thoughts. And all you can hope for is that something good will come out, a good report.” It’s just that it’s coming back,” Love said.

“Could you play after something like that?” Love was asked.

“No, not at all. Absolutely not,” Love said. “It’s bigger than a knee injury, an ankle injury. It’s life or death.”

announced by the NFL The game will not resume this weekthere was no word on a possible reopening at a later date.

But that’s a secondary concern for now. While the sports world prays for Hamlin, there are many concerns about his teammates as well.

“When this kind of unexpected tragedy suddenly happens, there are many different kinds of emotional reactions. It’s very common to feel angry and angry, and they couldn’t stop it.” “They couldn’t protect their friends. Guilt, sadness, loss,” says sports psychologist Lia Lagos, PhD. “One of the important things, he said, is that these players get together in his locker room, his team, his conference, his area, talk to professional psychologists and coaches, and talk about what they’re feeling emotionally. .”

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