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Charlotte Rampling Drama Juniper Signs in US: Watch First Domestic Trailer

Exclusive: Greenwich Entertainment Acquires U.S. Distribution Rights to New Zealand Drama JuniperStarring Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling.45 years).

Directed by first-time feature director Matthew J. Saville, the film hits Palm Springs this week, as well as screenings at festivals in Tallinn, Edinburgh, Munich and Brisbane.

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Rampling plays Ruth, a secular former war correspondent who has retired with a drinking problem and a newly broken leg. her semi-estranged adult son Robert (Marton Csokas, Last Duel ) — still carrying childhood emotional scars from her long absence — as she recuperates at his home in New Zealand and cares for teenage grandson Sam (George Ferrier), whom she has never met. arrange to have Unruly and recently kicked out of boarding school, Sam is saddened by the recent death of his mother and reacts defiantly to this arrogant woman he doesn’t know.

The film will be released in the US via Greenwich on February 24th.th April 4th Home PlatformthAbove is the first US trailer for the film.

Greenwich’s Edward Arendts is in talks to acquire Thierry Wasebailey of London-based distributor Celsius Entertainment.

Pic was produced by Desley Armstrong and Angela Littlejohn in collaboration with the New Zealand Film Commission and Celsius Entertainment. Executive producers are Andrew Mackie, Richard Peyton, Mark Chamberlain, Thierry Wasse-Bailey, and Henriette Wolman.

“MS. Rampling tells the story of intergenerational family dysfunction and reconciliation in moving and insightful language, raging for life as she begins to come to terms with her own death.” As a woman, she delivers another hauntingly understated yet glowing performance.

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