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Sonni Pacheco ex-wife of Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner When Sonny Pacheco They kept their relationship and brief marriage under the radar until a bitter divorce and custody battle over their daughter Ava.

Although Renner keeps most of his personal life private, he has spoken out parade Previously, his work, especially playing serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, made dating difficult.

“Things started getting creepy after I did the movie playing a guy who was basically a monster,” he said. I stopped paying attention so some girls bit me in a bar and I had to go to the hospital…people I’ve been dating but probably shouldn’t be with.”

Here’s what you need to know about Renner and Pacheco’s relationship.

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Is Jeremy Renner Married?

Jeremy Renner is not currently married but was married to Sonni Pacheco from 2014 to 2015. men’s health He explained that he wanted to keep his breakup with Pacheco private, explaining: It only gives power… reacting to it gives gas. I don’t add oil to the fire. i won’t do that I refuse. ”

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