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Racine County Eye 2022 Business Spotlight

The Racine County Eye showcases local businesses each week with our Business Spotlight feature. A roundup of the business spotlights for 2022.

Racine County businesses are taking their efforts to a new level in 2022. Community members founded new companies, expanded services, and contributed to Racine County through their own products and services.

Last year, 27 companies were listed on the Racine County Eye. In our 2022 Business Spotlight article, owners and employees discuss how their businesses differ, how they serve the county, and what services they provide.

Check out who was featured:

2022 business spotlight

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Now that 2023 has begun, the Racine County Eye is looking for its next notable business. If you are a new business owner in Racine County and would like an introduction, please contact Emma his Widmer by emailing emma@racinecountyeye.com. Are you a new business owner and are you offering new services? Maybe new locations or other added or updated programs. Please feel free to contact us.

If you’re not a business owner but would like one of your favorite local businesses to be featured on the Racine County Eye, please contact us.

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Local businesses are the backbone of our community. The Racine County Eye and Kenosha Lens – Local news sources serving a diverse community. Become a subscriber and stay up to date with local news.

We want to show our support for fellow businesses through our Business Spotlight feature. are you a business owner? Email emma@racinecountyeye.com to share your business story with her. Do you have a favorite business to recommend? Email Emma.

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