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Mayville sees a new face in village, sports, jobs

Mayville Village Attorney Joe Calimeri (left) and Mayor Ken Shearer. Both will leave their respective positions at the end of the month. PJ photo by Gregory Baco

MAYVILLE — The Mayville Village board will soon be something completely different.

In November, residents elected the current mayor, Rick Cyper, to succeed him as mayor, replacing Ken Shearer, who chose not to run for re-election.

Shearer served only one term as mayor, and prior to that, served one term as a board member. During his tenure, the village was frequented by Shatowka and his pops. There was also a major water crisis with the discovery of perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA) in three of his wells in Mayville. The village built a new well and also built a new treatment plant.

To this day, Mayville continues to operate under its water emergency declaration. Village leaders have yet to finalize plans to replace the infected wells.

In November, a new mayor was elected along with two new councilors, Mark Perry and Bill Ward. Incumbent Trustee Eagle Harrington lost by eight votes to him, and in November 2021 he elected not to run for Trustee Jim Warner, who was appointed following the resignation of H. Tim Jacobson.

At the village board meeting this month, officials certified the November results. It was also announced that Joe Calimeri was stepping down as village attorney.

Meanwhile, Syper has called for a special meeting at the Carlson Community Center on January 5th at 5pm for the new village board members to discuss. He did not say who he plans to appoint as trustee or whether there is a specific candidate to nominate as village attorney.

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