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Max Frost goes ‘couch surfing’ as Washington’s housing crisis continues

The housing problem for Florida’s youngest member of Congress continues.

Maxwell Alejandro FrostDemocratic lawmakers representing Central Florida’s 10th congressional district told a national audience Sunday that they had yet to find a viable housing option.

“It’s not cheap. I’m trying to get an apartment right now and find where to live because my credit is bad. Maybe I’ll have to surf a bit,” Frost told ABC TV. said on the show. This week with George Stephanopoulos.

frost private housing crisis First-generation Rep. Z has been in the public eye for weeks, lamenting his inability to secure a place to live in Washington’s highly competitive rental market.

“I just applied for an apartment in DC and I told him my credit was really bad,” Frost tweeted on Dec. 8, 2022. He was rejected and lost his apartment and application fee. This is not for people who don’t have money yet. “

Frost won the Democratic primary for Florida’s 10th congressional district this fall, stepping out of a crowded field that includes an incumbent state senator and two former congressmen. To that end, he campaigned for his solid years and was in debt despite gig work that included driving. uber For a while.

“As a candidate, you can’t give yourself a scholarship or anything until the end of the campaign.

Frost argues that “working class” people like him are at a disadvantage when it comes to taking office in the federal government.

“As far as going into the office, the system that serves, especially in Washington, D.C., wasn’t really built for working-class people, poor people, or people with a troubled past.

You may not want to couchsurf, but Frost prefers it to at least one potential outcome.

“To be honest, I prefer sleeping on the couch to sleeping in my office,” he said, denouncing the practice of certain former Florida legislators, including the governor of Florida. Ron DeSantishe tried to minimize spending for three terms in the last decade.


Jacob Ogle One from Florida Politics contributed to this report.

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