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Leadership PAC helps Colorado legislators expand their influence

Running for federal government can be a very expensive endeavor. Also, there tends to be a lot of focus on how much money a candidate raises and spends for his or her elections, while lawmakers tend to win a majority or have other like-minded candidates. or seek more influence in their caucuses.

Campaign data through November 28 shows that the Colorado legislator contributed to many other campaigns across the country, even when he ran for re-election. To do so, many used Leadership PACs. This is a committee set up for the sole purpose of giving to other candidates.

Boulder Rep. Joe Negse co-chaired the Democratic Policy Communications Committee (DCPP) last Congress and donated to dozens of candidates. He also supported his party by sending his $440,000 to his DCCC, the Democratic campaign arm of the House of Representatives. In the next Congress, Neguse will see his star rise even more after he is elected chairman of the DCPP.

Through his leadership PAC, he has donated approximately $90,000 to over 80 candidates. Both incumbents and first-time candidates for public office. Apart from this, he transferred more than $80,000 of his money from his campaign account to the campaigns of about 50 candidates.

Neguse, who raised $2.3 million for the campaign, took a safe seat and fought Republicans who raised less than $50,000.

Fellow Democrat Rep. Jason Crow is also in a safe seat. He transferred about $200,000 to his DCCC to support candidates across the country. He also donated over $80,000 to about 40 candidates from the Leadership PAC, and from his campaign account he transferred $50,000 to over 35 candidates.

Rep. Diana Deggett transferred $285,000 to the DCCC, used the Leadership PAC to support nearly 50 candidates, and donated about $65,000.

Meanwhile, outgoing Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter transferred $250,000 to the DCCC during this cycle and donated more than $75,000 from his campaign funds to about 50 candidates. He also sent over $60,000 of his money through the Leadership PAC to about 40 candidates in the House and Senate campaigns.

All four contributed to the campaigns of fellow Colorado Democrats Brittany Pettersen and Yadira Carabeo, who were running in vacant seats. He also contributed to Democratic nominee Adam Frisch, who nearly overthrew Lauren Boubert.

Colorado Republican Congressman Lauren Boebert at the 2022 Western Conservative Party Summit on Friday, June 3, 2022.

Beaubert was the largest fundraiser of any Republican in Colorado, and the House delegation was heavily commissioned. In addition to raising more than $7 million for her own re-election, she raised about $90,000 from the Leadership PAC and raised about 50 people, including Colorado legislators Eric Ardland and Barbara her Kirkmeyer. donated to a candidate.

Boubert also donated $35,000 to the NRCC, the Republican campaign arm of the House of Representatives, at the start of her first term.

Among Republicans, Rep. Doug Lamborn gave the most to the NRCC, sending $110,000. Lambourne is the state’s longest-serving Republican congressman and represents a bright red constituency. However, his direct donations were lower than other members of the delegation: he donated his $17,000 to more than a dozen of his candidates from his campaign account, and the Leadership PAC gave his four donated his $8,000 or more to the nominee. Recipients included Ardland and Kirkmeyer.

Unlike his Republican colleagues, Rep. Ken Buck didn’t fund the NRCC for this cycle until at least November 28th. Through his leadership his PAC, he has sent over $25,000 to his nearly ten campaigns, including Kirkmeyer and Utah Senator Mike Lee.

On the Senate side, Democratic Sen. John Hickenlooper — like Perlmutter, the only incumbent not facing a re-election race — donated more than $165,000 to nearly 20 candidates through the Leadership PAC. .

Democratic Senator Michael Bennett donated more than $150,000 to nearly 20 candidates from his leadership PAC, and an additional $20,000, even though he was engaged in his own costly re-election battle. sent to the DSCC, the Democratic Senate campaign branch.

Both senators donated to close-quarters colleagues and candidates, including Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, Senator Rafael Warnock of Georgia, and Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania. All three races were important in helping Democrats maintain control of the Senate.

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