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Watch Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton and Sia Surprise ‘Stars Are Blind’ New Year’s Eve Performance

‘Are you ready for this?!’ Sia yelled midway through performance on Miley Cyrus special Miley’s New Year’s Eve partyBut no one was ready for what was next.

Cyrus began singing a cover of Paris Hilton’s 2006 dance-pop song “Stars Are Blind,” and Shea joined her after the first verse. Finished the set.

“I said I have another surprise!” Hilton wrote revealing on Instagram. “I had so much fun singing #StarsAreBlind with Miley and @SiaMusic on @MileyCyrus’ New Year’s Eve special! What a great way to ring in 2023 and celebrate my new version of this iconic song.” 2Ftv- movies%2Ftv-movie-recaps%2Fmiley-cyrus-paris-hilton-sia-stars-are-blind-mileys-new-years-eve-party-1234654940%2F. Miley Cyrus Paris Hilton Sia. Credits: NBC movie%2Ftv-movie-recaps%2Fmiley-cyrus-paris-hilton-sia-stars-are-blind-mileys-new-years-eve-party-1234654940%2F. Miley Cyrus Paris Hilton Sia. Credits: NBC

NBC Paris Hilton wowed the New Year’s Eve crowd by performing her song “Stars Are Blind” alongside Miley Cyrus and Sia.

Hilton’s cameo was truly unexpected for the star-studded Miami Affair crowd, but she’s been featured in a “Stars Are Blind” refresh earlier in the week as a teaser for “brand new music” dropping in 2023. We have released the production.

She continued the tease on Instagram following her New Year’s appearance, writing, “I can’t wait to show you all the other exciting things I’m working on. This is just the beginning! Happy New Year! Thank you!”

“Paris Hilton!” exclaimed Sia, ending the performance.

“It’s hot!” Hilton replied into the microphone.

Cyrus served as host for NBC Miley’s New Year’s Eve party with Dolly Parton in Miami on Saturday night. Guest performers include singer his songwriter Fletcher, breakout his rapper Rat, Los Angeles rock band his Lily, and viral hip-hop his duo Ray Shrimard. saturday night live‘s Chloe Feynman, comedian Sarah Sherman, and comedy trio Please Don’t Destroy.

Watch the full “Stars Are Blind” performance in the video above. Reprinted courtesy of NBC.

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