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New Year, New Leadership for Allegany County

Annual Organization Meeting is Tuesday, January 3rd

W. Brooke Harris Named Chairman; Kevin “Fred” Demick Named Vice Chairman

Andrew Harris

New leadership will take office on the Allegany County Council this week. The board of 15 members is the same team as last year, but the leadership has changed.

When Phil Stockin took over the chairman role from recently retired Curt Crandall last year, he made it very clear that his role is to ensure a smooth and stable transition. “I really enjoy government, but I really hate politics,” Stockin, who openly admits, has accomplished his mission and plans to return to the role of First Warden.


Joins Brooke Harris for a second term representing the 5th District in Alfred, New York. Harris has served as chairman of the Budget Committee and the Ways and Means Committee, and outside of the county he has served as president of the Western New York Intercounty Association. At just 44 years old, Harris makes him one of the youngest MPs to hold the role of Speaker. Fiscal conservative Brooke made news in 2022 for spearheading a resolution to move his $500,000 out of the county’s “fund balance” to directly offset property taxes .


The new Vice-President of Congress is Kevin “Fred” Demick. Fred has only been on the Board for a year, but he has made a big impact, especially on the Public Works Board. When Demick ran for the First District seat, his bio read: A long-time resident of the Town and Village of Angelica and a longtime highway supervisor of the Town and Village of Angelica brings over 30 years of service to both the Town and Village of Angelica, bringing a wealth of Municipal experience. Fred also served as President of the Allegany County Association of Superintendents of Education. Demick may be newly elected, but he knows how local government operates and has a wealth of experience to bring to the table.

The new leadership isn’t the only change in Allegany County government. The basis of the legislative branch is the committee system. In a nutshell; most ideas, initiatives, resolutions, contracts, or disbursements of taxpayer money must start in a committee. If that committee approves, the issue at hand goes to a board-wide vote. Committee leadership is very important and a large part of the work legislators sign up for.

Here are the 2022 committee assignments, which will be updated by the new chair at the end of Tuesday’s reorganization meeting: The meeting will be streamed live on the county’s Facebook page.

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