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Change of Leadership Implemented in County Schools

The Ridgedale Board of Education announced the selection of Dr. Erica Bauer as the district's next superintendent.

Across Marion County’s five public school districts, all schools in Ridgedale, Pleasant and Marion City have had leadership changes this year.

The countywide education leadership change began in November 2021 when former Ridgedale Superintendent Robert Britton announced his intention to resign from his position with the school district effective at the end of the school year.

After conducting a search for a supervisor, the Ridgedale Board of Directors elected Dr. Erica Bauer as its new supervisor in February.

Prior to taking on this role, she said she was tapping into an existing tradition of community pride and helping it grow further.

“I have actually researched how culture, school culture, and leadership affect school culture. It’s something we see over the years: pride, academics, community involvement, and I saw a desire for transparency.

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