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bjp: BJP’s New Year’s Test: Party’s Biggest Challenge Is To Alleviate Veterans, Create New Leadership

Since 2014, the BJP has had an excellent campaign, winning two consecutive House elections and now having NDA governments in 16 states. 2023 is very important because it is the year before the House elections. Several states face congressional elections in his 2023, five of which are ruled by her BJP.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the party has sought to create new leadership at the state and national levels. Brand His Modi is still alive and well and has helped the BJP pass state elections, but dents surface when local issues become dominant or the party faces anti-incumbents in states To do. Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh are examples of party defeats due to anti-incumbent and regional issues.

Another important factor is the transition within the party to give new leaders a chance. Since his CM days in Gujarat, Modi has taken a winning strategy of giving at least 30-40% of his newcomers a chance in elections. In states like Gujarat and Uttarakhand, the party replaced prime ministers and gave the government new views.

The strategy worked in favor of Uttarakhand and Gujarat this year, but not in Himachal, where those denied tickets hurt the party’s prospects. To alleviate veterans and create new leadership without facing the problems faced in Himachal Pradesh.

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“2023 is one year before parliamentary elections and is critical for the BJP. Our organizational strength has diversified since 2014. We have reached almost 80%.Through the work done and strong organization under Modi, we will have greater success in the 2023 (parliament) and 2024 parliamentary elections,” said BJP general secretary Arun. Singh told ET.


Karnataka is the first state to face elections in four months, and the BJP faces the challenge of retaining government. With the baton passed from a taller leader to a new face, any party will have time to adjust to the new leader while filling the void created by the veteran. BS Yediyurappa was arguably his BJP heavyweight and is credited with founding the party in Karnataka. The BJP gave him a respectable exit by giving him the party’s parliamentary position.

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The current CM Basavaraj Bommai is tasked with managing different factions while leading his party to elections. Leaders calling for an expanded cabinet have sometimes expressed their open dissatisfaction with this. However, the Central Leadership is confident that it will combine the synergies of Yediyurappa’s experience and bring out the appeal of the new leader in the upcoming elections.

“For now, we have the upper hand over the Karnataka Legislature. Our CM Bonmai is a folk image. It will bring the best results to the BJP.There will be no anti-incumbents.Several leaders from other political parties will join the BJP in the next few days,” said Arun Singh, who is also in charge of the state BJP. Added.

Madhya Pradesh

Shivraj Singh Chowhan is the longest-serving chief minister of the state. Many of his ministerial colleagues also served for a long time. There were anti-incumbent movements against the government, and the party lost some support to parliament in urban elections. The task at the MP is to manage the MLA and ministers who joined the party from parliament along with Jyotiraditya Scindia. MP’s task is bigger compared to other states. The BJP is working hard to attract tribal and SC voters across the state.


The BJP believes it has strong counter-incumbents against the existing parliamentary government. Due to the strife in parliament and the state’s tradition of changing governments every five years, the BJP is expected to win the parliamentary polls. The party has not made significant gains in by-elections in the past few years. Infighting between former CM Vasundhara Raje’s camp and current state president Satish Poonia’s camp has surfaced several times. There are also senior leaders such as opposition leader Gulab Chand Katalia and opposition deputy leader Rajendra Singh Rathor. The party’s task is to take advantage of all these leaders while managing their personal ambitions.

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“Yan Akros Yatra has received a great response from the people and all BJP leaders are participating in the Yatra. Everyone wants it, so there is no problem between the leaders,” said Arun Singh, who is also in charge of Rajasthan.


Chhattisgarhi facing a similar situation to Karnataka. Raman Singh, who has served as prime minister three times, is now the national vice-president of the BJP, which is still trying to create a leader within the state who can challenge the parliamentary government. The BJP has completely reorganized its state leadership team over the past six months. In August, he appointed Arun Sao as his BJP’s new president, replacing Vishnu Deo Sai. In the same month, he made Narayan Shandel the leader of the opposition party. Both Sai and Chandell are in the OBC community, and the party now wants to focus on OBC’s vote to challenge OBC’s CM Bhupesh Bagel. In September, the BJP replaced his party leader, D Prandeswari, with senior party leader Ommatur.

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West Bengal and Bihar are not elected states, but the BJP has new leadership in both states. The BJP has performed best in West Bengal in both the last House of Representatives and Parliamentary elections. The party became the state’s main opposition party. However, some of the leaders who joined the party from Trinamor returned to Trinamor after the 2021 parliamentary elections. Since 2021, there has been a lot of organizational turmoil in West Bengal. In August, the party replaced Kailash Vijay Varghya as its most successful secretary-general Sunil his Bansal as the country’s representative. In September, Mangalpandi was appointed as the head of state working under Bansal, and Sukantha his Majundar replaced Dilip his Ghosh president.

“The team of President Sukanta Majundar and opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari is working well. Former President Dilip Ghosh and the state Union Minister are also working hard. But now we are all united and focused on strengthening our presence at the booth level for the upcoming Panchayat elections.

At Lok Sabha, we are determined to improve our tally of 18 in 2024,” Mangal Pandey told ET.

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In Bihar, the BJP are anxiously looking for faces who can fight the Nitish Kumar Red Grand Alliance. BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal’s term ends in September, with state units awaiting new leaders. The BJP also increased his previous estimate of tough Lok Sabha seats in Bihar from 4 to 10 after Nitish Kumar withdrew his NDA. In September, the BJP General Secretary Vinod Tawde was appointed head of state and the party is in a frenzy following his recent by-election victories in Kurhani and Gopalganj.

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