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Top Sports Stories for 2022

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In 2022, the Syracuse Athletics will win the national title for the first time since 2015, when the men’s soccer team defeated Indiana in the College Cup. The year also featured the final meeting between Hall of Fame coaches Jim Boheim and Mike Krzewski.

In the past 12 months, two more women’s jerseys have retired, debuted as coaches in multiple SU programs, and former Syracuse football coach Greg Robinson passed away.

The Daily Orange’s sports section has picked 10 readings to watch for 2022.

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Courtesy of Jamie Boheim

Why Jamie Boheim quit basketball

Before the first practice of her sophomore year, Jamie Boeheim, daughter of SU head coach Jim Boeheim and sister of former SU players Buddy and Jimmy Boeheim, found her love for basketball gone. rice field.

She has always played basketball, winning three state championships at Jamesville DeWitt High School before playing at the University of Rochester (Division III). The games were associated with undue pressure, anxiety, and stress, and weren’t giving her the joy she once did. , said it speaks to her strength as a human being.

And now, years later, Jamie says he doesn’t regret the decision.

“Just because I’m Boheim doesn’t mean I have to love basketball.”

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Photo Illustration by Megan Hendricks | Photo Editor; Photo Courtesy of SU Athletics


Locally grown and located in an area lacking ACC-level talent, Orange has long been forced to expand its recruiting efforts. regionally.

Head coach Dino Barbers pointed New Jersey is “one of the best recruiting regions” for SU, but a recent class in Syracuse revealed a nationwide approach to recruiting and a clear lack of success in New Jersey and neighboring states. rice field.

Barbers said in December 2021 that recruiting from New York and New Jersey was important to him, but multiple high-profile coaches from New Jersey said they had never met him.

“We want to get the best players from as many nearby states as possible, preferably New York and New Jersey,” Barbers said on Dec. 15, 2021.


Megan Hendricks | Photo Editor

Syracuse wins first College Cup in program history, beating Indiana 7-6 on penalties

Carey, North Carolina — On December 12, the Syracuse Men’s Soccer won their first national championship with a 7-6 penalty shootout win over Indiana in Cary, North Carolina.

Suu took revenge its shortcomings 2015 College Cup Teamfell to Clemson in the semifinals.

Behind goals from Nathan Opoku and Kurt Caloff, Orange held a 2-1 lead for 46 minutes before Indiana’s Herbert Endery equalized in the 80th minute. Both teams remained scoreless for the remainder of regulation and 20 minutes of overtime, setting up penalty kicks.

Despite missing their second penalties each, both teams were perfect going into the eighth round, with SU goalkeeper Russell Seely saving Mauloon Gumbale’s spot-kick to save Anferny. – Set up Sinclair’s Game Winner.


daily orange file photo

Relive the first Boeheim-Krzyzewski matchup before the final meeting

On February 26, 2022, Syracuse and Duke played their final game of the regular season, with both head coach Jim Boheim and former Duke head coach Mike Krusewski in charge. The Blue Devils were in the dome and he won 97-72.

However, in December 1989, Syracuse won The first meeting of the two Hall of Fame coaches. The Orange squeezed out a 78–76 win despite blowing a 15-point lead in the first half after forward Dave Johnson knocked down two free throws in the final seconds.

This game was part of the first ACC-Big East Challenge, called the Los Angeles Times Best game of the Duke-Syracuse contest. It was the starting point of a long-running rivalry between two championship-winning NCAA basketball coaches.

“At the time, it was just Syracuse trying to beat Duke and Jim Boheim trying to beat Mike Krzewski,” said then-SU player Mike Hopkins. “What you realize about both of them as the years go by is that they are two of the best competitors ever.”


Remi Jose | Illustration Editor

Russell Seeley loves his pet pig

Syracuse goalkeeper Russell Seeley secretly asked Santa Claus for a pet pig for Christmas one year, but cried when there was no pig under the tree. Once I got my hands on one, I made a unique offer to buy him one.

According to her mother, Maureen, Seeley went into “overdrive” during her school days, eventually getting straight A’s in her classes. In disbelief, Maureen called Seeley’s teacher and she asked if he could lower his grades to 89.

After 14 years, Shealy’s pet pig, Bella, is back in Cartersville, Georgia. He keeps a picture of Bella on her phone and is always looking forward to talking about her. Bella is also pictured in her family’s Easter photo, which doesn’t include her two dogs in her family.

Maureen still doesn’t understand why her son wanted a pig.

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daily orange file photo

Those close to Greg Robinson remember his generosity and passion for football

Former Syracuse football head coach Greg Robinson died January 5 of a form of Alzheimer’s disease. he was 70 years old.

The Southern Californian has spent 50 years coaching both in college and in the NFL. Robinson led the Orange from 2005 to 2008. In his four seasons, he posted a record of 10 wins and 37 losses, after which NCAA violations saw him miss five wins.

Former Syracuse players and assistant coaches remember him for his kindness, generosity and overall passion for football, some said. and created a family-like atmosphere within the program.

“He taught me the first and greatest lesson of my life, that you have to pursue what you want in life and do it with as much passion as possible,” said the former player. said Max Meisel of


Maxine Blackbill | Assistant Photo Editor

Julie Williamson’s creativity and curiosity were forever embedded with the jersey’s retirement

On October 9, Julie Williamson’s number 9 became the first player and the third woman to retire from SU’s field hockey program. Felicia Leggett-Jack When Katie Rowan Thomson Retiring her jersey at SU.

Former SU field hockey player Julie Williamson has always enjoyed learning new skills. “I never thought of it as a hassle. I always saw it as an opportunity to try something new to beat my opponent,” she said.

Williamson’s curiosity to be more creative helped her become Syracuse’s commander when in 1993 Syracuse won the Big East Championship for the first time. She was the first SU player to win three consecutive All-American honors.

Former head coach Kathleen Parker said, “I thought Julie could not only perform at that level, but take the team to another level.


daily orange file photo

Jim Boheim has shifted from suits to quarter zips.

Jim Boheim’s tailor isn’t mad at the Syracuse head coach’s shift from sports courts to quarterzips. I’m not upset that you probably won’t buy one to wear to.

“Now he’s a little more comfortable on the court,” said Boeheim tailor Peter A. Roberti Adrian Jules of Rochesterhe explained that he would not try to persuade Boheim to return to the sports court.

For decades, basketball coaches have worn suits on the sidelines.But in the NBA that lazy The COVID-19 bubble mandated suiting, but that effect permeated college basketball in the 2020-21 season and continues this season.

“Somebody’s mad at me, but that’s all,” Boeheim said with a laugh on Nov. 1, 2021.


Courtesy of SU Athletics

From player to coach: The relationship between Gary Gate and Kayla Trener before leading SU’s lacrosse program

When Gary Gate jumped from women’s lacrosse head coach to men’s lacrosse head coach, Syracuse hired Kayla Trener, a graduate of the program, as the new women’s head coach. Trenor played under Gates from 2013 to 2016.

The pair first met over 13 years ago at a lacrosse tournament when Treanor was in 9th grade, and Treanor told Gait that he had always wanted to be a lacrosse coach.

Eight months after Treanor, an assistant to Boston College’s 2021 championship team, defeated Gait’s SU side for the national title, the two were appointed to lead Orange’s prestigious program. Both coaches used to play for Syracuse, but are now one step away from him at the Roy Simmons Coaching Center, with Trenor occupying Gate’s old office.

“It’s unbelievable how lucky I am to have (him) in my life. It was awesome that he wanted me to play (Orange).”


Photo Illustration by Megan Hendricks | Photo Editor

Syracuse region responsible for ‘one of the best card collections’

New York Buried deep within the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 10,000 paintings, vases, furniture, and other works of art, it’s a collection that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s a baseball card.

Jefferson R. Burdick from Syracuse is the man behind the cards. Known as the “Father of Baseball Card Collecting,” Burdick knew his cards deserved to sit next to Leonardo da’s Vinci paintings. The exhibit occupies three sides of his wall and features 11 of his framed works featuring players such as Joe DiMaggio, Babe He Ruth, and Stan He Musial.

“He was kind of prescient in that he thought this might be important at a time when few people thought there was a reason to keep trading cards,” said Mint Condition’s author. says Dave Jamieson.

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