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Investigation of the cause of the Danville business fire

**** See the updated version of this story on this website. A person inside the building was confirmed dead Saturday by the Danville Fire Department.****

Investigators remained at the Danville commercial building fire site on Friday night (December 30, 2022) long after the fire was extinguished.

When the fire brigade arrived, they found large amounts of smoke billowing from a building at 805 North Vermilion Street. The alarm went off at 17:54

The building housed a bike shop and other items. Even though firefighters were able to mount an internal assault on the blaze, the damage was heavy: in all, he had 20 Danville firefighters at the scene.

Estimates of damages and whether anyone was injured were not immediately available.

As the investigation continued on Friday night, officials tied up the building with yellow caution tape to keep onlookers away.

The building is located on the east side of North Vermilion Street, about one block south of Fairchild Street in Danville.

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