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I Fooled My Nail Tech — Now I Have Guilt and Horrible Manicures

Utah fashion blogger Betty Adams wanted only chic, pearlescent, almond-shaped nails.

Adams posted a warning on TikTok, warning others to never walk away from his hairdresser to avoid getting his manicure, eyelashes, and eyebrows cut off.

In a 15-second clip that has amassed 2.5 million views since being posted online this week, TikToker proclaimed, “I will never cheat on a nail lady again.”

She shared an inspo photo of her — rounded, shimmering pink nails — before reluctantly showing a photo of what she said was the design she received. got completely different, thick, baby pink nails.

pink nails
These were the pearlescent pink nails she wanted.
nail results
But the nails she said left very little to be desired.

She didn’t name the technician or salon that performed the unmarked manicure in the video.

“What’s the easiest way to remove them…send me help,” she complained in the caption.

“JUMPSCARE,” commented one watchful viewer.

Why can’t they get the shape!!!! I asked for the same one only in red! A disgruntled user agreed, and Adams replied that technicians often blamed the shape of their clients’ fingers.

“I gasped…..lol I hope you didn’t pay for those sweets,” sympathized another.

“As a nail tech, it’s frustrating,” the shocked user groaned.

“If you find someone…never go anywhere else lol. Even if other places are cheaper…there’s a reason,” suggested another.

Some TikTokers, who call themselves manicurists, were quick to chide Adams, claiming that his nail beds were different from those of a model, believing that Adams’ hands resembled photos.

“The hands in the picture have longer nail beds, so they look very different,” claimed one user.

“There’s no way to achieve that look for your nail beds unless you make them very long to achieve the narrow almond look,” Adams tells her go-to salon, which she provides. Despite claiming to comply with

Adams’ technique didn’t seem to perfect her look, but it could have made things worse for beauty enthusiasts.

Nail fakes these days range from ugly to downright life-threatening. After sharing, it went viral.

TikTokers share failed manicures and nail art using the hashtag #nailfails, which has amassed 10.6 billion views. Some sets were too thick. Others were the wrong color. And some were obvious that the technician simply couldn’t draw.

Some women are going through hell with their manicure.

Conversely, some manicurists post client stories that are shocking.

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