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Business in downtown Ypsilanti targeted for intrusion

The video captured the robbery and vandalism at Ypsilanti’s Star Studios.

“Tuesday morning we all approached broken glass and broken hearts. Honestly,” Angel Vanas said. “The perpetrator tried to break through the front door, but the front door was made of stronger laminated glass.”

So they tried the back door.

“And then I shattered it and went inside and grabbed the cash box,” said Vanus.

At least $1,200 was gone in minutes.

Vanas said he does not own the building, so the building’s exterior is not insured.

So she had to pay $1,400.

“Both of my doors are full glass and had to be replaced,” she said.

And then there are the emotional wounds that are much harder to heal.

“We have been violated. Our safe space has been violated,” she added.

Star Studio welcomes you as you are.

“Whatever you are, we love you, we accept you, we want you to be comfortable in your own skin—and that’s the environment we offer here,” Vannas said. I got

But Star Studios wasn’t the only influence on Michigan Avenue. A restaurant’s glass door was shattered, and another business called Ziggy’s was similarly affected.

The music venue owner says he had to pay $1,000 to replace the door.

Ziggy’s owner Kieran Ferraiu said, “This was an additional expense that I didn’t expect and it kind of freaked me out. Who would have done this?”

This small business community is hurting as police investigate

“It’s really disappointing to attack so many small businesses when we’ve all been living by the knife’s edge from the start,” Vanas said.

Star Studio launched a GoFundMe for support and people are already responding. Click here to donate.

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