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Books 2022: Strategies from 6 Global Leaders Driving 20th Century Transformation

Book: Leadership: Six Studies of Global Strategy

Author: Henry Kissinger

judge: shelby grubbsan arbitrator, mediator, and special master with 45 years of legal experience, and was the founding director of the Atlanta Center for International Arbitration and Mediation (now the Georgia State Arbitration Center).

shelby grubbs

of Leadership: 6 Studies on Global Strategy, Henry Kissingeris 99 years old and focuses on six influential 20th century leaders. Conrad Adenauer, Charles de Gaulle, Richard Nixon, Anwar Sadat, Lee Kuan Yew When Margaret ThatcherEach, he argues, was a politician and visionary, but faced with a particular situation, each developed a particular strategy.

Pursuing a strategy of ‘humility’, Adenauer agreed West Germany With the Atlantic Alliance and European projects.Kissinger claims his humility was key to establishing GermanyIdentity as a postwar peace power.

De Gaulle’s strategy was a strategy of “will”. Through the power of personality he imposed the following vision. France As a stable post-colonial power, lead the country through the post-war era and difficult divorces Algeria.

Kissinger admits Nixonian A flaw worthy of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Still, he sees Nixon as a good proponent of the “equilibrium” strategy. China As a countermeasure against the powerful Soviet enemies of the time.

Perhaps the most cunning and also the most saintly of the subjects in this book, Sadat’s strategy was one of lifted Egyptian From a leader in a turbulent region with incredibly complex politics to a Nobel Peace Prize.

Kissinger’s strategy of ‘excellence’ has changed Singapore Under Lee, from a postcolonial backwater with a per capita income of $600, to a thriving cosmopolitan city. Lee advocated for the best performance by civil servants and created a community where Confucian values ​​of piety, thrift, harmony and stability revitalized a multiracial society of Malays, Tamils ​​and Chinese.

Margaret Thatcher’s Belief Strategy describes her as a grocer’s daughter. 10 Downing There she fought labor disputes, the Falklands War and the ‘Trouble’ of Northern Ireland. under thatcher UKhas changed, and perhaps more importantly, its self-image has changed for the better.

leadership is an enjoyable read enlivened by personal and perceptive anecdotes.

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