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Small Business Spotlight of the Week: People’s Emporium – BladenOnline

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According to owners Dwayne and Mary Miller, the business started with the goal of not only connecting people, but having a way to make a difference and prove relevant.People’s Emporium offers unique experiences. while working to bring more shoppers to the Elizabethtown-White Lake area.

People’s Emporium features products from local artists, artisans, farms, and other small businesses around the world. According to Millers, the goal is also to provide a place for people to come together, create and have fun. “Our future goal is to expand on this dream and open his 3,000 square foot space on the second floor to provide meeting rooms and additional shopping. It’s about having a place to serve,” explained the owner.

“We offer unique and varied types of products that are meaningful and special to people. Our goal is items with whimsical quotes, troll hunts, and customized products that touch the soul, making them fun and comfortable. “It’s about having a shopping experience,” Dwayne and Mary shared. It provides a place where children and adults can use their imagination to create and bring out a sense of togetherness.

Owner says: A future course coming to Green’s Pond in March.

We recently had an open house event at the Emporium. The owner was thrilled with the support of other companies that worked with him to make the event happen. “Burney’s Sweets and More mini croissants, Barefoot Brew hot cocoa and flavored her coffee, and a special appearance of her Lilly in her miniature pony wearing her Christmas apparel for a photo shoot.” Owned. would like to refer to employees as well. They said, “They are both going to Southeastern College in Whiteville, but Jocelyn Powell and Rachel Brown were more than I could have asked for.”

A message from People’s Emporium owners Dwayne and Mary Miller:

“Serving the community has been an absolute pleasure, as we have received such warm and incredible feedback from all of you. We look forward to exploring more opportunities to connect and give back.”

• Location: 124 W Broad Street, Elizabethtown, NC, 28337.
• Contact: (910) 874-7570.
• “We are generally open Wednesday through Saturday from 9pm to 6pm, but hours may vary during the holiday season or to accommodate special parties and workshops.” – Dwayne, owner Mary Miller
• Facebook:
• Website:

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