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Should you buy General Motors Company (GM) in the automaker industry?

An 82 rating positions General Motors Company (GM) near the top of the automaker industry. investor observerGeneral Motors Company’s score of 82 means it scores higher than 82% of industry stocks. General Motors Company also received an overall rating of 49, representing more than 49% of all shares. Automakers rank 140th out of 148 industries.

Overall Score - 49
GM’s overall score is 49. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the GM rankings!

What do these ratings mean?

Trying to find the best stocks can be a daunting task. There are many ways to analyze stocks to determine which stocks are performing the strongest. investor observer The whole process is made easy with Percentile Rankings that make it easy to find the stocks with the highest ratings from analysts. This ranking system incorporates a number of factors that analysts use to compare stocks in more detail. This makes it relatively easy to find the best stocks available in any industry. Using both fundamental and technical analysis, these percentile-ranked scores make it easy for investors to see the attractiveness of a particular stock. The stocks with the highest scores have the highest ratings by analysts working on Wall Street.

What is the stock price of General Motors Co. today?

General Motors Company (GM) shares were trading at $33.38 as of 11:08 am on Friday, December 30, a loss of -$0.29, or -0.86%, from the previous closing price of $33.67. increase. The stock today is trading between $33.23 and $33.54 so far. Today’s volume is low. So far, 1,602,423 shares have been traded with an average trading volume of 12,770,410 shares. Click here for the complete stock report for General Motors Corporation stock.

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